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Black bear #50 with bow and arrow
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Rob Nye 01-Jun-24
Insheart 01-Jun-24
Bowboy 01-Jun-24
Buffalo1 01-Jun-24
midwest 01-Jun-24
Groundhunter 01-Jun-24
Lewis 01-Jun-24
beemann 01-Jun-24
VAMtns 01-Jun-24
Shaft 01-Jun-24
ahunter76 01-Jun-24
Duke 01-Jun-24
Paul@thefort 01-Jun-24
DEMO-Bowhunter 01-Jun-24
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longsprings 02-Jun-24
drycreek 02-Jun-24
From: Rob Nye

Rob Nye's embedded Photo
21 4/16” skull on this bruiser
Rob Nye's embedded Photo
21 4/16” skull on this bruiser
Rob Nye's embedded Photo
Rob Nye's embedded Photo
My friend (even though he cheers for the Red Wings) Tom Nelson from Michigan has hunted with me for 20 years. When he killed his 49th bear with a bow he told me #50 would have to be a very special bear before he loosed another arrow. The past 2 seasons he passed up numerous bears that most hunters would shoot in a heartbeat; they just didn’t get his heart pounding. A couple days ago a bear showed up that fit his criteria for #50: big with beautiful fur. A well placed arrow quickly completed his milestone moment. Congrats buddy your patience paid off with a helluva bear! Go Avs!

From: Insheart
Holy smokes, what a bruiser. Weight?

From: Bowboy
That’s a brute! Congrats to Tom.

From: Buffalo1
Awesome bear. Congrats Tom. Looking forward to watching this episode.

From: midwest
Great #50! Congrats to Tom!

From: Groundhunter
I never met him, but like his shows

From: Lewis
Congrats Rob and to your hunter Tom great bear thanks for sharing Lewis

From: beemann
Nice work Rob, coongrats to Tom .

From: VAMtns
WTG Tom , Like your shows too

From: Shaft
Congrats Tom! I have met him at several shows in Michigan. That is a great bear.

From: ahunter76
Awesome & congrats.

From: Duke
Very nice, Tom & Rob. Consistent results!!! Thanks for sharing—

From: Paul@thefort
Nice Tom, that is a great bear.

Heck of a bear Tom!! Congrats!

Very impressive

From: woodguy65
Holy Cow what a bruiser!! Congrats Tom and Rob!! More pics!!

Way to go Rob and Tom…

Congratulations to Tom on a beautiful old boar! and also to his guide Rob Nye I was fortunate to meet them both back in 2015 when they came into the dock at Kamkota Lodge on Pinehouse Lake with Tom's nice bear Got to have a nice conversation with them Tom wished me luck on my bear hunt that was to start in a couple days with Marlon Pasasuik of Top of the Rock Adventures where I did kill a nice bear and then went back the following year for a repeat performance Again way to go guys!

From: longsprings
Congrats Tom , I met you in Omaha . Good job

From: drycreek
Fiftieth bear ! That’s gotta be some kind of record. Congrats to Tom and Rob !

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