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170" Buck on the ground @ 25 yds
Whitetail Deer
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deerslayer 14-Jun-24
Candor 14-Jun-24
LOSTNwoods 14-Jun-24
Pyrannah 18-Jun-24
From: deerslayer

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Full Disclosure: This is a gun hunt....

However, I thought some would appreciate it given the slow time of year, and being that I shot him at bow range on the ground. Definitely one of the best hunts of my life, where everything worked out to my favor, including being very surprised how big this buck was. I knew he would be my personal best as I started the sneak, but I had no idea he was quite as big as he was. Hope you enjoy.....

From: Candor
Nice job and well done video! Thank you for posting it.

From: LOSTNwoods
Congrats! Nice Buck and video

From: Pyrannah

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