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Rut dates for southern Ca. ????
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Has anyone got a reasonably reliable date for the beginning and ending for mule deer rut here in Southern Ca. Riverside and San Diego Counties?

very late,need cooler weather. normally late november & december

In the portions of A31 / D11 that I bowhunt, the rut is just beginning to wind down. I saw bucks chasing does this year beginning the last week of September. Generally, the peak of the rut is the last two weeks of October. This is documenting almost 30 years of chasing them around.......I can just about set my watch to the time.

From: fishmagician
H-m-m-m-m--m-mmm. On says early the other says late? Come on folks!

Well, I can gaurantee you the bucks in the southern portion of D-11 / A-31 do NOT rut in late November/December.......I've seen bucks shed their antlers in late December here.

Different areas rut at different times. Example-the desert deer in D-12 next to the Colorado River are still in velvet in late October. They rut in January.

D-14 deer in the higher elevations peak rut is mid-November. The rut in the A zone has been over for almost two months.

The first buck I arrowed this year (see photo section) was sniffing does when I got him.....that was September 23. The second buck I arrowed was actually breeding does when I got him. That was October 27th.

Deer in the Ortega Mountains have been rutting for the last two weeks, according to a hunting friend of mine. Can't say for sure, as I don't hunt that area.

I don't dought what your writting about the Los Angeles area. I'm hunting Riverside Mountains and the Mnt. Laguna area east of San Diego (A-22) While I didn't see sign of the rut in earlier Sept. I'll have the chance to go again in the second season 11/18.

I would agree that the climate and weather that dictates the spring growing season, and dictates when the young should be born would differ between mnt. ranges.

From: sportyg
The bucks in A 22 are already rutting. They have been for a week or two. I'll be up there for the 18th as well.

From: fishmagician
I watched a doe yesterday and she didn't have anyone chasing here, an hour later a spike turned up, he didn't look rutty at all, but he doesn't know who's on first eitehr. LOL......I'll hunt again next weekend.

From: sportyg
Everyone I know hunting around there has stated they are rutting.. I know for sure this weekend I'll be up there

San Diego bucks are rutting HARD right now. The month of Nov. is our typical rut with the peak about NOW through Thanksgiving. I killed one 11/4 chasing does and he was just starting.

From: bazzman
WE hunt both lowland brush country and our piece of property on palomar mountain. The lowland bucks tend to start the rut before October hits, but the mountain bucks tend to get started close to a month later. By the time D16 starts they are in the mood.

From: Toxo23
I use to hunt Malibu area and Agoura Hills. I’ve seen bucks displaying rutting behavior in September. Malibu, Oct- Nov.

From: Rob
Does anyone know how long the rut lasts in the San Diego area ? I read all the helpful entries, and it seems that an A-22 tag is closed from 10-18-21 thru 11-19-21. It reopens on 11-20-21, but would that be too late for the rut ?

From: Pacer1975
D15 is 9/15 to 10/1.

From: S Quinton
First cold snap.

From: Pacer1975
Daylite triggers rut. Killed 8 in o.c.. the rut is always 9/15 till 10/1.

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