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Bowfishing Oklahoma
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From: Scouterpro
I am interested in Bowfishing in Oklahoma and am having trouble getting information. Do I need a fishing license or a hunting license? Is it legal to bowfish from the bank below a dam? Are Paddlefish still legal bowfish targets or are they illegal? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I live in NW Arkansas butgrew up in Oklahoma.

From: archenemy
Carp and Gar are the only 2 species legal in OK I think. Might check for regs.

From: Troy/OK
You will need a fishing license. Run by any Oklahoma WalMart and pick up the fishing regs, or go to I prefer having the paper regs when I have questions.

All non-game fish are legal with a bow. But you need to read the regs as to some of the specific game fish. Paddlefish can be taken with a bow, but only during a specific season.

Differnt lakes, dams and rivers have different regs as to bowfishing. Some areas are closed completely, other have limited locations below dams (trailwaters) and others are wide open.


From: Jumper
I am way late on replying to this (it's been quite a while since I've been on Bowsite) but I wanted to let you guys know you can go to to learn more about bowfishing in Oklahoma. We have some FAQ's, How-To's, Tournament listing and much more.

From: MarvinHall
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From: Bowman
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From: RogBow

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From: JohnnySharp

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From: FrenkRamary
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