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Opportunities near Delmar?
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Gary C. 05-Mar-07
huntryx 06-Mar-07
No-sage 06-Mar-07
Gary C. 06-Mar-07
punch a hole 07-Mar-07
GAFFER1 08-Mar-07
Gary C. 10-Mar-07
The Buck Stopper 12-Mar-07
pavloviktorko 10-Apr-24
From: Gary C.
Looks like I'll be living in Delmar, I was wondering if there is any decent places to deer & small game hunt, or maybe carp shoot around this area.

Looks like a lot of woods, and a lot of posted signs too unfortunately...

Thanks! Gary

From: huntryx
Go north, you'll run into the Adirondack Forest Preserve! Wander and hunt all you like.

From: No-sage
There will be plenty of carp shooting available in the hudson river.

Delmar is fairly close to Partridge Run WMA. There won't be much available real close unless you get permission from landowners.

Albany Pine Bush is also not too far.

From: Gary C.
Being totally new to the area, I have to admit I don't know what Partridge Run WMA or Albany Pine Bush is... I can figure out the WMA part, but that's about it. Are these areas open to hunting? Is it difficult to gain access to the river?

From: punch a hole
Let me tell you this Delmar has some great hunting if you can get in somewhere. There are some true monsters in that area but getting permission is very hard. The places that do allow hunting will be hammered so make friends to get some where privet

If you can find land to hunt deer on in Delmar you will be in heaven. I work witha couple of guys who hunt there and they see more deer in a couple of hunts than I see all season. You can check out the Pine Bush and Partridge Run through the DEC site. The Pine Bush is archry only and is tick heavy. Partridge Run is large but gets hammered during the gun season. In the Pine bush you can't hang a stand until just before the season and you can't cut brush or branches to clear shooting lanes on any of the state land. Good luck.

From: Gary C.
Thanks guys, I appreciate the info!

Make sure you check out the Delmar Deer. It is an enormous non-typical. It was shot out of season, and the state took control of it. It resides at Five Rivers.

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