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Oregon County
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From: heelerdog
Heading to Thayer in late November, visiting family for Thanksgiving. We'll be bridging firearms and archery season. This will be my daughters first hunt, and if she tags one, it will also be my wifes. Then when archery starts up I'll be hunting. Any advice? What can we expect? Thanks for any and all replies.

From: n2huntn
I work out of Springfield into Thayer on a regular basis and see tons of deer every trip. The area has lots of deer and hunting is generally pretty good, should be a good place to tag a deer for a nubie, especially if you have acess to private land. I have seen as many as 30-40 deer in a five mile stretch along the railroad tracks. One reason I like working into there, some pretty good Bucks too. Good luck, N2

From: heelerdog
Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. Really looking forward to the trip now.

From: oldbow
Ntuhuntin: you're supposed to be watching for "high greens" not counting deer along the tracks; used the see some big bucks between West Plains and Willow Springs from the Engine but never got up there to hunt them; Go hunt in the city limits of Mammoth Springs, there are small herds of them in the south part of town now. Me and Arthur Ray Stone rigged us up a spotlight from an Engine light that we carried on the job so that we could spotlight deer from Thayer to Blackrock Arkansas; I don't beleive that there was as many deer back in the 1970's when we were doing that but we enjoyed it and kept us from getting bored on the trips.

From: jcgreer
Biggest issue in Oregon county is lack of acorns. By the time you get here, food souces should be very limited. Suggest finding alyternate food source. They are already moving into green fields.

From: oldbow
I have never seen a year that the woods are so void of acorns as they are this fall; probably due to the Ice storm we had this past winter; southern Howell County has no acorns either so acorns are not going to there for the deer or Turkeys this fall or throughout the winter. I was out in the woods in Oregon County this past weekend and there was hardly any Deer sign like there was in years past; wondering where they have moved to, to get their food since there were not any acorns in the area I was in.

From: n2huntn
Been seeing alot of deer including bucks on the backroads when I jog from the depot to the hotel. I come in on the road beside the spring/state park and behind the Thayer public pool. I think its Sherman Park. No rutting activity just lots of deer out in fields and crossing the road. Good luck, Jeff

From: Seawolf
How has the acorn crop been the last few years? Do they stay on the ground through December in a good year? Any idea how 2016 will turn out for acorn crop in the area? Im thinking of heading down to ALton in December

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