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Anybody hunt Graves County?
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P&Ybound1 09-May-08
Clark 12-May-08
P&Ybound1 19-May-08
P&Ybound1 19-Aug-08
steeler 02-Sep-08
P&Ybound1 29-Sep-08
Higgs Rocks 30-Sep-08
Ken-TennDevilDog 09-Mar-17
From: P&Ybound1
I just stumbled upon a 150 acre farm in Graves county. No crops but pasture and woods. how's the hunting in Graves county? Pope and young potential or over hunted area? I know more specifics would be beneficial but just trying to get an idea. Thanks

From: Clark
I Hunt Graves Co. I hunted it more few years back but usually go hunt a few times deer numbers and bucks vary from place to place within the County.

From: P&Ybound1
Do you see a fair number of deer? average weights field dressed?

From: P&Ybound1
Any body hunt near Mayfield?

From: steeler
Each farm varies but if you have good cover and some food plots you should have some good hunting with a decent chance at a P.Y.

There is P&Y potential anywhere in west Ky. I have friend sin Graves county and there are good deer there. As with any farm ... add the food plots, spend the time to feed you area and the does will come and bring Popa with them. Unless you have "drive by" hunters you are in a good county. Lots of waterways and crops.


From: P&Ybound1
I hunted opening morning and saw 5 does. Then the gun fire started. no wonder I did not see any deer while glassing the areas soybean fields. Does this county not have a game warden? I heard 3 seperate shoots in the first 20 minutes of opening day of bow season.

From: Higgs Rocks
Are you hunting in Graves county? I have heard them in Trigg as well. No matter where you go you will have the poachers and law breakers. You know the type "Hold my Beer and watch this man"..."You get at least one run off"... It sucks, but all we can do to control our own. Don't loose faith call the 1-800 number for the state fish and wildlife. There are more people with you than against you. I had to call the sheriff out last October on the same guy I ran out 3 times. They were coon hunters, I threatened to shoot his dog. Guess who the deputy took up for? I won't make threats again, I will follow thru. I have a donkey up here now and she will kill on site...a real dog hater!

P&Ybound1 Do you still hunting graves county

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