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How do you get in on Ft. Sill hunts?
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I'm stationed at Altus and have heard of great whitetail hunting at Ft. Sill. Do you have to be Army to hunt there or is it open to all military? Where can I find info on this?

You have to Active Duty Military, Active Reserve/NG, Retired Military Stationed in Oklahoma or an Oklahoma Resident serving elasewhere or a Civilian Ft Sill employee. You must attend the Ft Sill Safety. To find the dates call Sportmans Services at 580-442-3453/3553. Some of the deer hunting is draw only on rifle but not bow.You can also hunt elk for 1 week in late Sept/early Oct with a bow. The elk regulations on post are different than the State draw reg's. It is an EXCELLENT hunt. You draw for areas to hunt each day according to the training requirements down range on the post. Alot of areas open they will spread the hunters out. Range area's closed everyone is bunched up. I hunted there last year and had at least 1 bull in front of me each day. Alot of people didn't even see anything. They try to hunt them like whitetail and it doesn't work. Hope this helps.

Yeah. Thanks a lot. How is the whitetail hunting? I'm guessing there isn't many trees to get a stand in especially a climber.

There are plenty of trees. Considerably more that Altus. As for a climber, forget it. You are better off sith a lock on and a lock on ladder. The whitetail hunting is supposed to be pretty good even though I didn't see many of them when I was there. There are also a considerable number of hogs. The post wants every one shot that you can haul off.

From: dm2976
The post from panhandleokie is spot on. I'll add some more from my experiences.

Fort Sill is SW Oklahoma's best kept deer, elk, turkey and hog secret, and unless you are an military related, i.e. Active/Reserve, Retired, DOD Civilian employee your are out of luck. Basically you have to be some sort of DOD, or Government ID card you should be good. You also must have a OK Hunting lic and attend Fort Sill range safety briefing and purchase a Fort Sill Hunting Lic. I have hunted there since 1989 and still hunt there every chance I get even though I live out of state. I last hunted spring turkey there in 2006(I have a lifetime Oklahoma hunting license and I am retired Army)

As far a deer...there are some monsters on every range. I have three on my wall all from Quanah Range alone. If you hunt Quanah Range there are plenty of trees big enough to hang a climbing stand in. Check areas L4, L2, L3, N2, N3. (Quanah range is my favorite although I won't give up my honey holes in each area, :>)sorry. Not only are they loaded with deer but you will see LOTS hogs and elk too. If you want to hunt West Range (the Main part of post) Look into H2,4&5, J1,2,&3 and K2&4 areas. These area are similiiar the the Witchita MTNS, very rocky and rough terrian East Range is fairly flat and my best luck is hunting the C areas and walk the tall grass like you were hunting rabbits. Other good east range areas are A1&2 and B 2&3. LOTS of hogs on east range also. Be advised you need to have excellent map reading skills to hunt some of the areas on post due to close proximity to off limit and impact areas and be prepared for disappointment on some days. Training takes PRIORITY and my cause you to choose another area or cancel your hunt all together. All rifle shotgun hunts are by DRAW ONLY only and are conducted on the weekends. Elk hunts are hard as hell to get but worth the effort. Archery hunts are easy to get in on. You have to sign in and out of EVERY hunt and MUST have your weapons registerd on post at the Provost Marshals office BEFORE you try to bring them on post. Don't try to get in the gate with weapons in your vehicle that aren't registered on post, trust me. Call 580-442-3553/3453 as for Glenn Wampler or EJ they will get you squared away.

Hope this helps and good luck. If you want more regulation information follow this link http://sill-www.army.mil/dhr/Admin_Svcs_Div/FS_Pubs/INDEX.htm and look for Circular 200-00-07 Deer and Elk Hunting Fort Sill and Fort Sill Cir 200-08-01.

From: cuntree
I have been searching all over the net looking for info on hunting Ft Sill. i'm currently in Iraq but will return to the states soon and then will be headed to Sill in the Spring. i'm hopeing to get there in time for a spring turkey hunt. we'll see how that goes. Question to you all what is the age limit restriction for youths to hunt there on Sill? My oldest will be 15 prior to our move and i'll finaly have some time to take him hunting.

I tried to call but didn't get through. Can anyone tell me how it works for the WT hunting? Do they assign you a place to hunt each morning or for an extended amount of time and can you leave stands over night?

From: cuntree
daily you will have to check to see if the area is open for recreational use. military training takes priority, so if the area is set aside for training then no hunting there.

you get assigned a training area daily and have to pick up your pass every morning and turn it in every evening. they usualy have information posted for closed areas the day prior so you can see where you'd like to hunt.

good luck

From: razorsharp
An old thread. Ft. Sill is going to the isportsman program where you have to check in/out, buy permits, etc via a website. The new base hunting regulation is being updated and should be out soon.

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