Life and Death ...READ!
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From: CJ Winand
I received this information this morning from the Editor of our Quality Whitetails Publication. I felt compelled to pass along this valuable reminder to all of my fellow hunters....

I got to know Keith Hardy from Winder, Ga., through the Truck-Buck contest when I still worked at GON. He always entered a good buck every year. He was a good guy and an incredibly skilled deer hunter. He was also a QDMA member for the last two years. Two days ago he was hanging a lock-on 30 feet up in a tree, getting ready for bow season. His family is burying him today. He fell and broke his neck and died instantly. His dad was the one who found him.

He was 35 years old and leaves behind a wife and two young daughters.

We all have our stories of near-misses and close-calls while hanging or hunting from deer stands. None of us should collect any more stories like this. If you aren't wearing a safety harness EVERY TIME you are hanging, removing or hunting from a treestand, we will probably be burying you one day, or (worse) pushing you around in a wheelchair. The decision to wear or not wear a safety harness has nothing to do with your skill or experience in deer stands, as Keith's story proves.

Please wear a safety harness. I promise you I will be wearing mine.

I hated hanging my old loc-ons, sold them for ladderstands to use on my private hunting grounds. Still takes two men to put up a ladder safely, and I some times still use my climber to attach it up top. I sure perfer to climb down the ladder over screw in steps after a late Jan hunt too. My sympathy to the Hardy Family and the Winsor community.

From: Shuteye
That is sad news. It is time that a lot of people will he hanging stands and this serves as a reminder to practice safety.

From: Bowman
Hi guys, my name is Taylor Hardy. (Keith Hardys daughter) Just wanted to reach out and remind those of the importance of a safety harness. Here we are 10 years later and it feels as if he just passed away yesterday. I know theres a slim chance that anyone will see this post... But if you do, please remember your harness! It could make a difference between life and death. Seeing the outpouring support of my dads friends through out the years, and learning everyday that he touched someones life makes me feel honored to have been his daughter.

Thank you to those who take time to read this. God bless.

From: Bogie
Not only wear your safety harness but be sure to check the date on it and replaced it and your lanyard every couple of years. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. also check your larder stand and climbing sticks for rusted bolts and worn straps. Be safe Have a God Day Harold

From: Team T&A
Indeed the wounds of loosing a loved one never goes away. I was doing early season lock on hanging and was thinking to myself how crazy this is. I'm looking into a good harness for me and my hunting partner . Any suggestions appreciated . I use a climbing stand if that matters and a lock on . Thanks and please be safe . One loss is too many

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