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Where to camp in Unit 48
New Mexico
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We came across an Elk tag for my son in unit 48. Never been to this unit although I hear it is rough terrain and lots of closed off spots. We do have 4 wheelers, etc. so can camp and travel anywhere. We have a Winnebago so need some space to camp. Can anyone help out? Signed Mom to bow hunting kid!!!

From: hunting1
You probably should start really studying maps because the majority of the unit is private. Good luck!

From: Unit 9er
If you're bringing a Winnebago, I think your only option is the Black lake area. There's a new road they opened up over there this year, but I'm not familiar with it. Not sure how rough the roads are up there, so I can't tell you if you'll make it or not.

You won't even make it up Red Hill to get to White's peak in that Winnebago. Serious 4X4 ONLY! That, I can tell you.

All of the land below the unit is private. Might be possible to contact a landowner in Ocate and pay him to stay on his land? dunno.

From: crazymaez
Yeah the game and fish have designated campgrouds.But as stated you wont get to them in a winnebago.Seen people set up at the bottom for the archery and game and fish dont tell them anything.Then a week later they were kicking people out for the muzzle hunt.Best bet find a place in angel fire and trailer the bikes to the bottom of the mountain.I hunt around spruce hill

From: smarba
Been scouting a bit for deer. RUGGED roads. Super muddy, 4x4 only. No way a winnebego or any trailer is going to make it in, at least where I've been so far.

Haven't yet found any honey holes, or explored the entire unit, so there may be some areas more easily accessible that I haven't found yet.


From: Unit 9er
I leave for elk in 2 days!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!! I think Crazy's idea is best, find a place in Angel Fire.

Good luck and make sure your equipment is in tip top shape, as it will take a beating up there.

Thank you all for the info. We have gotten lots of good info on the area. Our Winnie has been to lots of back woods areas in NM and is one tough hunting vehicle so we will just have to see how she handles unit 48, lol. If all else fails, like you said, Angel Fire would be the place and then scout and hunt in the 4X4 and on the 4 wheelers. My boy is hunting the Elk and he is 10 years old. Would love to see him get one but we would settle to see or hear them, that is half the fun. I hear there are lots of mountain lions and bears up there too so if you are heading that way, get a bear license. Personally, I can do without the lions, lol. Good luck to all on whatever hunt you may be going on.

From: Unit 9er
Good luck to you and your boy.

We will be camped behind Red lake, very large camp, swing by and give us a shout. Camp is up now and will be for the duration.

There are lots of relocated problem bears in this unit, you really need to be aware at all times as some are not afraid of humans. We all carry large caliber sidearms, especially in the thick oak. I've had 3 bear encounters in the 5 years I've hunted there.

I'm leaving in the morning!!

From: KCAF

KCAF's Link
I have my cabin for rent at the north end of unit 48.


From: jdee
I haven’t been in 48 this year but we have had a ton of rain since July. The roads in some places last year were very rough and tore up ! In some places your Winnebago would need to be 4x4. We stayed at a place in Angle Fire and it took an hour and a half drive every morning to get to where we were hunting and wouldn’t get back until 9 - 10 pm because the roads were so bad you had to crawl in many places. You better get some good info on the roads before you take a Winnebago in there or you’ll be back in up for a ways !!

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