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Loch Raven BOW HUNT - speak out!
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CJ Winand 27-Aug-08
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Bowman 31-Oct-23
From: CJ Winand

You may have heard that officials from Baltimore City, Baltimore County and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources recently announced a proposal to allow bowhunters to kill deer living in and around Loch Raven Reservoir beginning as soon as September 15, 2008 with plans to expand bowhunting to all public lands in Baltimore County in the near future. Not only is bowhunting undeniably cruel, removing deer from the reservoir (by any means) will not solve the alleged forest degradation and runoff problems at Loch Raven. We need your help to speak out against this proposal. TAKE ACTION:

Please make a brief, polite phone call to Mayor Sheila Dixon at 410-396-3835. When you call, you will likely speak to a staff member who will pass your message along to Mayor Dixon. Remember to be polite and professional, and leave your name and address. You can say:

"Hello, my name is [your name] and I live at [your address]. I'm calling to ask Mayor Dixon to implement an immediate moratorium on the proposed bow hunt at Loch Raven Reservoir and accept The HSUS's offer to work with the county to develop effective, humane deer management programs. Please let Mayor Dixon know I called. Thank you."

After you make your call, send a follow up message to Mayor Dixon. Don't forget to tell your friends and family in Maryland how they can take action, too.

If you are able, please plan to attend a public meeting on Thursday, August 28 at 7 p.m. at Loch Raven High School (map ) about the proposed bowhunt. Everyone who attends can sign up and will be given three minutes to express their concerns on the proposed hunt. A representative from The HSUS will be there to pass out materials, and answer any questions.

Thank you for taking the time to speak out for animals. Sincerely, Mike Markarian Executive Vice President The Humane Society of the United States

From: Snakeeater
The Maryland Bowhunters Society and the Maryland Sportsman's Associateion will both be there to speak and answer questions.

From: BowAce
Is anyone aware of the particulars surronding bow hunting in Loch Raven?

From: Snakeeater

Snakeeater's embedded Photo
Snakeeater's embedded Photo
The hunt will be managed in the same way that Prettyboy and Liberty Reservoirs are managed. Like the other two reservoirs, you will need to get a copy of the "permit" off of the DNR website, sign it, and carry it with you. The details and the permit will be available on the DNR website on or before September 15th. It should have information on where to park. On the map you will see a number of areas that are marked off. The areas that will be open for bowhunting are the areas in green with the diagonal slash through them. These are the only areas that will be open to bowhunting. We are also telling everyone that as this is the first time that they will be allowing any kind of hunting at the Reservoir it is important that we each keep in mind that we are respresenting bowhunters and hunters of all kinds. Any negative actions by hunters (hunting outside of the hunting area, not respecting landowners property, not covering deer in the back of pickup trucks, or going into Pizza Hut wearing dirty or bloody camo clothing) could spell trouble for this happening next year, and we all realize that the reservoir needs this hunt to happen every year if we are going to bring the deer herd back in line with the carrying capacity of the watershed. So, enjoy the hunt, and keep in touch. I'd be glad to hear how you did. As we get more official information we will post it on our website ( and on MarylandWhitetail.Com.

From: BowAce
Thanks for the info Larry. What is a "Proposed Cooperator area"?

From: Snakeeater
That is where they will be using deer cooperators. They are groups that work with the communities and the DNR to manage deer in areas near homeowners. They have to make up a plan that is agreed to by the homeowners association and the DNR. They use the weapon that best fits the situation (bows, suppressed rifles, etc.) and try to have as little impact on the community as possible. Since the area in the southern part of the watershed has so many people living there they decided that cooperators would be the most effective and acceptable method to use there.

Bowhunting is used in the northern part of the watershed since it doesn't cost anything and there is less chance of interacting with suburban homeowners.

From: Bowman
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