Best camo color for Utah?
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trclements 02-Jul-09
Silent Stalker 02-Jul-09
RAS 02-Jul-09
MarvinHall 17-Aug-21
BULELK1 18-Aug-21
From: trclements
I am looking to get some new camo this year and just wanted to see what you guys think is the best camo pattern for utah in general if you could choose just one. I have been looking at the outfitter camo pattern at cabelas and I am thinking about getting it for elk and mulie hunting in aspens, pines, and open sage brush. What would you choose? Trevor

I really like Predator green camo. Outfitter camo works well too. Any of the deserty styles work well too depending on where your hunting.

From: RAS
can't beat predator green, great all around camo.

From: MarvinHall
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I like King's Camo

Mountain and Desert are my in camp Fav's

Good luck, Robb

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