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Game processor in/around Flagstaff
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From: Archer-D

Can anyone recommend a good game processor in Flagstaff?

Any feedback on "Coconino Game Processing" (www.gameprocessing.com) or "Casey's Processing" (www.caseysprocessing.com)?



From: Lv2hnt
Definitely Casey's!!! Don't even think about going anywhere else in Flag ...

Definitely Caseys. He has a really good reputation and I have found all of the staff to be great as well. Very clean and ver accomidating.

From: Buster
Caseys but get directions.

From: Canyon
Oh Yea definately Casey's The jalepeno cheese sticks are the best.

From: Chuckster
It seems about every year we have a thread like this which is helpful, especially for the out of state hunters. Three years ago, someone recommended a place in Flag, its the one where they also do some taxidermy and is located in town. We took my wifes elk there and it was the worst packaging job I have every seen. I would say in every package, there were at least 10-15 hairs. Some of the packages were mostly bone and needless to say, I was very disappointed. Next time, I will give Caseys a try.

Casey's by far.......you'll get ALL your meat back too!

From: hunting dad
Chuckster, I used the same one aa few years ago. Had about the same results. The 1st 10 minutes there had me wishing I was elsewhere. Should have listened to my gut.I was wanting into their drawing for a bow. Never again.

From: dm
never been to casey's but i can tell you coconino does an awesome job too! they will even let you use their skinning hoist yourself to skin if you bring in the animal whole to save you money. they also weigh it right in front of you and cut off the uneatable portions before they weigh it. they also participate in that program that gives meat to the hungry. top notch! i had the same bad experience with the so called processor/taxidermist in town that sends out the great advertisement........we got ribs from an elk we boned out before taking it there!

From: Archer-D
Awesome. Thanks everyone!

From: ihuntaz
I will also say Caseys is the BEST... He did my buffalo, and was awesome!

From: AZmaverick
dm - I had the same issue with the processor/taxidermist that you mentioned. I had a deer hunt in November and received meat back that was date stamped October??? Not my deer!!! Not only that, I dropped off twice as much boned out meat as I received back! I've used Casey's on several occassions with no issues other than arranging for the drop off of the animal during non-peak hunting seasons. I would call ahead if you plan on taking your animal to Casey's during non-peak hunting seasons.


From: bwhntr
I have heard nothing but good things about Casey's ,but have not used them. I have used Coconino for 1 elk and 1 deer. I was very happy with them on both occassions and have stuck with them. The jerky and summer sausage were vey good. I plan to bring my elk to them this year too.

From: Sunstroke'd
Casey's for sure! Excellent and I mean excellent cuts. Clean, very appealing cuts, his Italian sausage is worth paying extra for and very competitive rates. I have used him 3 times on 3 different elk and have not been disappointed. I have a tag again this yr, if I fill it, Casey will butcher it. If you do kill something worth mounting, head on over to Chris Favours shop, MountNView wildlife taxidermy. He is an excellent taxidermist and runs a very clean business. His rates are very good as well. Good luck!

From: Junior88
Coming home Kaibab last Nov. I called the processor/taxidermist in town from Marble Canyon. They said there was no way I would get to Flag by 7 pm and no one would be there after hours for drop off. The guy couldn't get off the phone fast enough. I got in touch with my wife and she managed to get a hold of Coconino Processing. After explaining my situation my wife called me back and told me they wanted to talk to me. I had two deer in the back of my truck and didn't want to drive all the way to Phoenix from Kaibab with them. Closing time was 7pm. I arrived at 7:45pm. They weighed both deer in front of me, gave my son and myself some samples of their snack stix. This was Nov. 3rd. They dropped off our deer and Sportsmen's Wherehouse on I 17 on Sat. Nov. 8th. Everything was excellent. They went the extra mile for me when the other guy wouldn't. I'll never forget that. I have deer and bull elk tags in unit 8 this fall and hopefully will get the chance to use Coconino Processing again. By all accounts Casey's sounds excellent. Coconino has earned my loyalty and hopefully I will be giving them plenty to do this fall!

From: Archer-D
Thanks again everyone. I hope I'm in the situation where I have to pick between Coconino and Casey's. (I've got a 6B archery cow tag this year.)


From: Hans 1
I have taken 1 bull of my own and one for a friend to Cococino He did a great job and was very accomadating to nonresidents and our travel schedules. The prices were reasonable compared to other places that I have hunted. I hope get the chance to see him in less than a month.

From: BugleMRanch
I called all the places in Flag and Camp Verde and none were accommodating to a non-resident without charging an extra fee. Screw that!

Last year we took my son's bull to Coconino, Dennis was fair and fast. Very accommodating to us non-residents who need to get back on the road home.

This year we took 4 bulls to him. Again he expedited mine so I could get on the road. The three others were hunters from the valley and he will be delivering their meat to a central place in the valley.

The guy in Clints Wells is a jerk too.

From: AzHunter
I also had several bad experiences with the processor/taxidermist in Flagstaff.

A few years ago I dropped of a decent 3 point muley I tagged in Utah. When I got my meat back I asked where the antlers were. They said because I did not specifically ask for them when I dropped the buck off, they had donated them to some non-profit organization...

Another time I met them in north Phoenix, picked up my meat and rack. Then was then stopped and given the third degree by a Az Game & Fish officer who saw the antlers in my truck as they had removed the Utah tag. After inspecting the meat he told me to never remove the tag before the final destination and sent me on my way.

From: Elkivory
Another vote for Coconino! I've never used Casey's, but I have had several animals cut by Dennis at Coconino and he does a great job. Sausage is excellent and their elk pepperoni sticks are off the hook!

From: AZrecurve
So who's this processor/taxidermist you guys are talking about? Get it out there so others don't make the same mistake.

From: hunting dad
Thought there was only one. Rhondas is the name I believe

From: azarchery
if you can get past the guy at clints wells "cocky ass attitude" they do a great job. when I picked up my deer this year from them, the employees don't like him either. they like the fact he's up there.

From: gari333

gari333's Link
I have the same argument with the mechanic / taxidermist you mentioned. I had a deer hunt in October and retrieved meat that had been marked October? Not a deer !!! Not so much, I dropped twice as much meat as I recovered! I have used Casey's on many issues without issues other than arranging for a wildlife order during hunting quests. We click here for her. I would call ahead if you plan on taking your meat to Casey's during peak-hunting seasons.

From: bowbender77
Hands down, Casey Hayes.

From: Elkivory
Coconino Processing goes above and beyond what most game processing businesses will do. Great customer service, they fast and fair and they will definitely work with you if there are special circumstances, or requests.

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