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Any advise for ATOKA WMA
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hondafire 21-Sep-09
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quail hunter 22-Sep-09
hondafire 22-Sep-09
Buckhunter 01-Sep-22
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Preacher 23-Apr-24
From: hondafire
I have been drawn for a deer hunt on the ATOKA WMA. I was just curious if anyone has an idea on this area. I have not been to this particular are. What is the terain like and so on. And of course...any directions to a honey hole could be useful.....LOL

From: OT Man
I hunt Atoka a lot, year round. Its rocky, with lots of hills. Plenty of acorns and open fields with bluestem, too. Last year there were some tilled up areas that were supposed to be food plots, but they're weren't nothing planted in em.

Lots of deer and hogs. You don't have to get a long ways off the main road to get a crack at a deer. Everyone will be trying to get into the far nooks and crannys, but some of the little meadows right off the road hold some hotspots. The deer will be looking for danger in the form of a vehicle...not some dude hunkered up in or under a tree.

My picks? Hunt from Horsecamp Road or Butterfield Road. You'll see deer. Also, the roads that lead to the lake are good, too.

From: quail hunter
I hunted it back in '96. There are some nice deer in there. I can't remember the roads, but Horsecamp sounds real familiar.

From: hondafire
Thank you very much for the info. I believe it will be very helpful. I actually got drawn for a gun hunt, but I am planning on going a week ahead of time just to camp and hunt.........some alone time. Thanks again, I do appreciate it.

Looking to bowhunt Atoka wma. Heard they're some big bucks down there, just looking for some new areas to try. Let me know what you all have seen lately, thank you.

From: Quailhunter
Lots of good areas. Killed a nice buck in the big timber north of the headquarters about 10 years ago. I’ve hunted it twice. Most of it is nice habitat. Some really good deer in there.

From: Preacher
Hog hunting information

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