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Fort Huter Liggett/Camp Roberts Pigs
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MuleyFreak 19-Feb-10
TOXO23 01-Dec-11
SteveC123 08-Dec-11
TOXO23 12-Dec-11
Birddog 1 30-Dec-11
wtpops 09-Jan-12
TOXO23 02-Jul-12
IdyllwildArcher 08-Jul-12
TOXO23 16-Nov-13
willliamtell 26-Nov-13
TradTony 07-Apr-14
From: MuleyFreak
Anyone hunt the archery only zones of Fort Hunter Ligget or Camp Roberts with any success?

From: TOXO23
Succeeded seeing hogs but not harvesting. Good areas to hunt though. Try Parkfield.

From: SteveC123
I met a guy at the range near me (Costa Mesa area) that highly recommend Ft. Hunter Ligget. He said he goes up there once a year and generally has great hunts. He didn't specify if he's coming home with meat, but then again, that's never a guarantee anyway.

From: TOXO23
Parkfield is a given. Should try it. It's just minutes from Ft. Hunter Ligget.

From: Birddog 1
From Liggett to Parkfield is a good 2 hr drive if you know the short cuts.

From: wtpops

wtpops's embedded Photo
wtpops's embedded Photo
Took this guy on new years eve at Fort hunter liggit

From: TOXO23
Fort Hunter Ligget is not a 2 hour drive from Parkfield. Not even if you take Hwy 46 from Cholame. If you take Slack Cyn Rd to Vineyard into San Miguel then to FHL you may take an hour and fifteen because of the winding road. We've seen pigs off of Hwy 46 but yet to see any off Vineyard. We've seen some off Cholame Rd on our way to Parkfield and around Parkfield but always on private or crossing the roads. Stockdale Mountain is some difficult hunting because it is choked with chaparral. Some clearings but not much and chances are like lotto. You'll see deer but just a glimpse. Try, try and try again is all I can do because I am not to pay outrages prices for even a meat pig. A big part of the reason I hunt is so I won't have to deal with the prices the meat industry sets. 2 tags for $40 will give 100+ lbs of pork, more if the hog is a buster. But I've also weighed the traveling expense and I don't mind it with the hope of finding a public hot spot for pigs.

I'm with you. I can't see paying anymore for hunts than tag fees. I even have a hard time paying out of state elk tag fees and I'm pretty upset that the resident elk tag fee is now $400. Its a crock. Most states are paying around $50 or less.

With that being said, I've probably burned several hundred dollars in gas on my 6 or 7 weekends spent scouting and hunting these illusive San Diego pigs. Saw some piglet tracks in the wet sand last time!

From: TOXO23
Idyllwild, we've hunted San Diego several times for hogs to no avail of sight or sign. We hunted FHL for Memorial Wkd and some neighboring hunters were successful.I had a 10 yard shot at 3 hogs but conditons were not optimal.

From: willliamtell
They let you hunt any weapon on Hunter Ligget don't they? Makes it more difficult for bowhunters.

From: TradTony
William, yes they do allow any "legal" weapon to be used. As for it being difficult for bowhunters, they have areas for archery and muzzleloading/ shotgun only and motorized vehicle restrictions.

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