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Off range oryx hunt
New Mexico
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gila_dog 06-Jul-10
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From: gila_dog
I drew an off range oryx hunt this year for November. Anybody have any suggestions of where to hunt? I will be using my 30-06. I will also be hunting elk with a bow (recurve) in unit 23.

Off Range hunts are tough. You can get lucky and score right away and are as likely to go all month without seeing one off range. Call Bosque Del Apache and see if it is open in November for Oryx. There are always some on the Northwest part of the refuge. The area around Bingham is good along with the mountians by Oscura. Otherwise driving the fence and look for the most current them close.

From: gila_dog
Thanks for the info WW.

From: MarvinHall
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From: smarba
It's sad when spammers post more on the NM forum than actual bowhunters...

From: ohiohunter
Agreed. Did you eat any of that cat yet?

From: mrelite
Yep, it use to be one of the most active

From: priley
Im hunting so...

From: smarba
I haven't eaten any of my mountain lion yet. Typically we eat the oldest meat in the freezer first and just haven't gotten around to it. I killed a cat with pistol nearly a decade ago and it was absolutely delicious, so I have no reason to believe this one will be any different.

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