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mixed bag 29-Sep-10
Rossi 29-Sep-10
From: mixed bag
I'm considering heading back for a few days of rifle after an unsuccessful archery hunt.Anybody familiar with the Blackhall mt area?Does it get alot of rifle pressure?parking is limited where I hunt.Don't want to fly out and rent a truck then find out its impossible to find a parking spot.Had the place all to myself from the 13th to the 18th for bow.It really started to fill up on the 18th though.Hopefully, someone knows a little about the area and can help me out.Like to try and fill this tag one more time;be 2 years till I can draw again for sure

From: Rossi
I haven't been back there in at least 5 years, but it used to get lots of pressure during the rifle season. It's a fairly small area and general for residents, so lots of people hunt it. Part of the reason I no longer hunt there. Good luck if you come back out.

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