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Public hunting land in Horry County
South Carolina
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Muzzyman 26-Dec-10
Swamp Fox 11-Feb-11
r-man 17-Aug-11
r-man 19-Aug-11
stephen mathews 08-Dec-13
Chief RID 24-Dec-13
slim 12-Dec-16
r-man 14-Dec-16
From: Muzzyman
Are there any public hunting areas in the Horry County Area? What type of game if there is?

From: Swamp Fox

Deer, turkeys, hogs, small game, you name it. Canadians in the winter.

From: r-man
contact dnr sc maps are and swampfox is right plenty of canadians in winter, near any golf course.

From: r-man
found land lease at , google this- ( mwv hunt lease )pick the state your intrested in, have two tracks now

where in horry county sc is there a place to hunt deer on public land for free

From: Chief RID
Go to the DNR web site. Game Management lands and other lands available for bowhunting are listed. Many in the low country and plenty in Horry County.

From: slim
Folks just bought a home in Conway... where can I hunt around there. How much is an non resident license ? Seasons for archery?

From: r-man
Look west a few miles , gigantic state forest . from Georgetown west to rt 52 in Monkcorner . You can start by contacting they have maps they will send you for free of wma lands in your area. Your an hr north of me , I have hunted up there along the river , it has so many hogs it will shock you .

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