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Clarence Yates info
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From: WasFatboy
Years ago Clarence Yates ran a popular archery shop in the Woodlawn section of Birmingham. I used to be a customer. Anyone here know if he is alive and well? I'd like to get in contact with him if possible. Anyone know what town he lived in after he retired and I can maybe Google search. Thanks. -Chuck Wyatt

From: Abram
WOW, now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. We used to go shoot at the indoor archery range he had. I wish I had some info to help but I lost contact with him a long time ago.

From: THarris
Clarence Yates has been working at Bass Pro Shop in Leeds. I saw him there last year.

Terry Harris

I bought my first recurve strings from him back in the early eighties. I got into bowfishing and compounds were all the rage. Yates Archery was about the only place you could by recurve strings. Glad to here he is well, Mr. Yates is a great guy. Very interesting to talk to about the old days of archery.

From: WasFatboy
Thanks Terry. Just so happens, one of my other contacts just called and told me that Mr. Yates works there. I'll try'n slide by there and see him. Glad he's still around and working. He was always a gent when I dealt with him.

From: john gray
wow i remember him! me and my 2 brothers use to go down and order stuff and just sit around and shoot the bull,he had a seleetiom of trad bows as well

From: DC
The last time I spoke with Clarence he had given up bowhunting and started flying remote control airplanes. He built his own plane and won some awards with it. We talked about old times and he said he may take up hunting again someday. Clarence is as nice a man as I have ever met and the real deal when it comes to bowhunting. I shot in a charity tournament with him once and watched him hit a bullseye at 100 yards with a recurve on a 3d target. It was at Pat's Archery when they were in Gardendale. I still have one of the short brim hats he had made up to sell. Whoever sees him first tell him we all said hi!

From: whump
Whump Sez; I never pick up a bow to hunt or practice without thinking of Clarence and Jerry simmons. They hunted together and you rarely saw one without the other on a management area during the 70,s and early 80,s.I went on an elk hunt with them in 1980 and I made a trip to the basement of Dewberrys engraving company and watched them make the interceptor broadheads. Clarence made all the tooling and sharpening system for the heads.They were some deer thinning dudes in the old days and two of the best people to ever drop a string on a bow.I will make a trip over to bass pro to see him. Hunt Safe

From: DC
I went to Bass Pro in Leeds, today and finally caught up to Clarence. We talked for over an Hour. It was great to see him again. He usually works about three days a week from 8 to 2. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes Saturdays. It changes, but if you call and ask for him they will give you this info. He said he tried turkey hunting this year but didn't get one. He stopped climbing up trees to bowhunt but said he is still up for some fishing. He also said he is planning on giving up that work stuff and do some traveling soon. I wish him well. Great Guy!

From: Big Mac
Wow- I just got on this thread and saw Clarence Yates name... I used to shoot field archery with him. I shot B Class bowhunter (recurve) and Clarence shot A class. During those days all the NFAA scores were kept from shoot to shoot and your scores were averaged to place you in a "class". Once, at Vulcan Archery Club, I shot into A class bowhunter and shot several times with Clarence. I'll have to stop by the Bass Pro Shop sometime to swap memories and stories with him. Those were great days with a recurve...shooting 80 yard targets at Vulcan...

Good Morning All- my grandfather is Clarence Yates and I just saw these messages. He passed away this morning and I have been researching online and ran across this thread and just felt like I should leave this note here. It brought a smile to my face to read this thread and my dad will appreciate this so much. He was definitely one of a kind and will be missed.

Thank you!

Laney Yates Dominick

From: Longbowman
Clarence was a great archer. Remember him well. Sorry to learn of his passing. JERRY HILL

From: Longbowman
Clarence was a great archer. Remember him well. Sorry to learn of his passing. JERRY HILL

From: Arrowhead
I know it's been awhile sense Clarence has passed from this earth. But I had a dream about him and a hunt we went on recently. It was like it was yesterday. Miss him, but his Spirit is alive and well.

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