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Jubilee College SP Turkey
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ILArcher 19-Jan-11
StikMan 28-Feb-11
rocktrann 20-Jul-18
From: ILArcher
Has anybody turkey hunted at this place? I drew a 3rd season permit at Spoon River SF, just west of Jubilee. It's so close I may camp at Jubilee as they have showers. They also allow archery only turkey hunting. Only requirement is a Peoria County tag which should be possible on the 3rd lottery.

From: StikMan
Jubilee has several areas to hunt for Spring Turkey. There are several fields and ridges along the northern area of the park that many Fall Deer hunters reported Turkey sightings. Also, Turkey Hollow usually has pretty good movement (East of Park Station toward College).

I would scout out roosting trees in the late afternoons while you're camping there and hopefully you can return for the third season. Tom, the superintendent, usually gives pretty good general information regarding number of animals he's observed. Great guy

From: rocktrann
Hello everyone, it was interesting to read your post

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