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Hunting with a bow in B.C
British Columbia
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From: Bentshaft
Hi guys, I'd like to know what are the rules and regulations on hunting with a bow for BC residents?? is it any different then for resident gun hunters??

Thx ahead.

From: Broadhead150
You do not require a PAL to buy, own or carry a bow

No shooting areas do not apply but, no hunting areas do

There is an early and a late season for bow only for mny species.

I think that about covers it

From: Tuffcity
Min 40# draw within archers draw length, min 7/8" broadhead width.

From: sharp stix
do all of your big game hunts require a guide for non residents and is their any public land to hunt?

From: Blackdog27
If you are a Canadian resident then there is also an option of getting a permit to accompany a B.C. resident if you know someone here. If you are not a resident of CA then you have to go the guide route.

There is another outside option if you a "direct relation" to a B.C. resident which has other criteria.

While there is lots of private land to hunt the public land available for hunting is vast and is where most of the hunting occurs.

From: BillyBob
The following bows are legal in BC: • Longbow • Recurve • Compound • Cross

Alex the regulations are available online. Archery seasons are really limited in BC.

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