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From: Turk
I was lucky to draw a moose tag for unit A2. I am looking for maps now, and am wondering if anyone can give me any information on what to expect from this hunt. I will be bow hunting, and am curious if the rut will be over, or if I will still be able to get bulls to answer calls?

Any information or recommendations would be appreciated. I have moose hunted before, but was able to call bulls in, and or at least get them to answer and give their location away.

I will check back here, or PM's are welcome!

Scott (Turk - Bowsite)


The rut is just about over at that time,but bulls could still possibly come to a call. In 2007 I drew a tag for A2 and started in on corser brook rd.Its a network of miles and miles of dirt roads with cuts all over the place.I saw a few places with what looked like highways going through the woods.Theres good moose hunting there. Corser brook rd can be found off of rt 26, just before the town of Errol, heading from west to east,corser brook rd. will be on the left.

From: lawdy
Scot - I live in Errol. Don't forget to check out the Grant Road off of Parmachenee Road in Wilson's Mills. My brother and nephew got a nice bull there two years ago. I hunt that area alot and always see moose. I spent alot of time up there this winter rabbit hunting and saw alot of moose. It is almost impossible to travel those roads without running into them. The Parmachenee Road starts in Maine and goes into N.H. at the 3.5 mile mark. Get hold of me if you need directions.

From: Turk
Thanks guys! I am just in the research stages now, but am looking at the Errol and Pittsburgh areas as possible areas to stay in and hunt out of. I am really wanting to take a moose on this hunt with my bow, so I am trying to be in an area that will not have a large number of other hunters (with guns).

There are only a certain number of hunters in A2 for the moose hunt,and thats its.Not sure how many but I do know the entire state will only have 395 hunters.If you stay away from all the dirt roads you wont see anyone.

From: 1Badboy
off the parmachenee rd (seen alot of moose over there) or check out the cedar stream area in pittsburg...the roads over there go forever and theres a ton of moose there (that d be where i d go if i got a permit, behind the Lake Francis or first conn lake )

From: nehunter
I will be in A1 with my Wife, she drew the permit.

Its almost a "once in a lifetime" hunt with only 395 hunters getting permits.

From: lawdy
I have been up on the Parmachenee Road alot this summer gathering firewood. Just beyond the 3 mile mark the Grant Road branches off to the left. Take that road and there are several logging roads that branch of it. There are some big cuts off those roads. The first road off the Grant Road to the left was logged last winter and the road is vehicle accessible for only about 1/2 mile. The rest is a winter road and can only be walked unless someone is crazy with a four wheel drive. There were several moose working that cut when I took my beagle pup in to train him last week. Another good one is at the height of the land just before you pitch on down to the College Grant and Dead Diamond. That road cuts to the left and there are some huge 2 year old clearcuts up there. Good luck.

From: Turk

congratulations to you and your wife, good luck on your hunt!

1Badboy and lawdy, thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to check that area out. I am planning on going up the week before to scout.

Can anyone give me the reason why I have to put my name and address on all my arrows?

"Can anyone give me the reason why I have to put my name and address on all my arrows?"

Because of some stupid "A" Hole! At times I feel like punching the person that comes up with a F'ing assenine rule like that. Thats it,If we gather up the A hole or A holes responsible for this RETARDED rule and beat the shit out of them,perhaps it will deter them from doing it again! But I digress. :)

From: lawdy
We had one season where we didn't have to put our names on our arrows. I think it is so if you hit a deer and it happens to end on the land of an anti-hunter they will know who to lynch. I know one guy in Rochester years ago shot a deer that died in someone's back yard and he had to go get a warden to retrieve it and it was an ugly situation. People actually called a vet to see if he could save the deer. The vet couldn't believe what a bunch of nuts those people were. I guess he pronounced it dead. I'm surprised they didn't call a priest to give it last rites.

From: lawdy
One thing I forgot guys, it has been really dry up here. Brooks are down and the moose wallows along 16 to Berlin and up to Wentworth's Loc. are pretty dry. Any deer sign and moose sign has mainly been where there is water. The little brooks on the ridges are pretty dry. All that can change this fall if the weather swings the other way.

From: Turk
Good info,thanks

I am looking at my maps and and see a large section of land that is called "Connecticut Lakes Nature Preserve". Is this area open to moose hunting?

I believe that area was former paper company land that the state bought and it is open to all hunting.Someone correct me if Im wrong.A2 is a VAST area with just about unlimited hunting!! You will not have a problem finding places.

From: lawdy
My son has been working up on the Parmachenne road. He has been watching bulls fight it out this week. He watched two huge bulls battle for almost an hour two days ago. The rut is on.

From: Turk
Figures, two weeks until the hunting season comes in:-(

I am looking forward to the hunt. Thanks to all for the advise and information!

From: Turk
One more question :-)

Can any one give me an idea as to whether there are more moose in the south part of the unit (near Errol) or up north near and above Pittsburgh (or does it really not matter)? I am planning on going up north just to get into an area with less people??

From: lawdy
There are definitely more moose this year in the areas above Rte 26 this year. I travel every day from Errol to Berlin to coach and I have not seen a moose along 16 in a week. The ticks and coyotes took their toll last winter. The college grant and Corser brook country have better populations with the cutting going on. There are some huge clearcuts up there that are starting to brush up. I talked with my son this morning and he again commented on the moose he is seeing along the Parmachenee Road and the Grant Road which branches off the Parmachenee Road at the 3.5 mile mark. That is in N.H. I hunt the East side road which is the first road to branch off the Grant road on the right hand side. There are moose in there and when I hunted it with my beagles last winter, they were yarded there. If you scout this area, talk to Josh Lord. He lives next to the Fairpoint building in a mobile home on 26 heading West. He is my son and knows this area like the back of his hand. He can clue you in to where he is seeing moose.

From: 1Badboy
if your head to pittsburg go out on cedar stream rd and check out all those roads back in there ...moose everywhere

From: Turk
lawdy, Thanks for all the information. And If I am down that way I will look up your son.

1Badboy, Thanks I'll definately check that area out!

So what happened with this hunt from last year??

From: eidsvolling
I was extremely fortunate last Friday when my name was drawn for one of 8 moose hunt permits for A2 in 2016.

I've already found and read this excellent thread. I am wondering whether anyone is able and willing to provide any updates to it? Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

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