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Wolf License on Moose Hunt?
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Shadow Man 31-Aug-11
hunterx 31-Aug-11
Shadow Man 01-Sep-11
hunterx 03-Sep-11
Muskyhunter 03-Jan-12
spike buck 12-Dec-13
From: Shadow Man
I know how elusive wolves are and how difficult hunting them can be. Just curious to see if anyone buys a wolf tag/license just in case.

The reason I ask is because one of the references that I phoned to check on the area where I'll be hunting moose this fall said he had a pack of wolves living there. This is a remote, fly-in region in northwest Ontario on a small lake with only one tiny cabin on it.

We're naturally hoping to put a moose down quickly and I was toying with the idea of setting over the gut pile in case a wolf finds it.

Thanks for your help.

Shadow Man

From: hunterx

From: Shadow Man
Thanks Hunterx,

Had to chuckle when you mentioned getting one and almost a second then advising me not to get a license.

I think you are right, though. It will be enough to concentrate on putting two bulls on the ground and breaking them down.

Best of luck to you!

Shadow Man

From: hunterx

From: Muskyhunter
I hate to say it but hunterx is giving good advice. Sorry but it is your money.

From: spike buck
Once you harvest your moose you cannot hunt with your bow or high powered rifle for wolf. This is because you need a valid big game license to be out in the field if there is still a big game season going on, moose closes Dec. 15. Once you kill your moose your license is valid no more. Of course you can still wolf hunt while party hunting with a person who still had not tagged an moose or if you have a open bear license. You can hunt anytime there is a open season for wolf with a .17 or .22, which does kill wolves.

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