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Deer attractant recipe'
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Stick Slinger 01-Oct-11
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Deer Hunting Tips 22-Nov-22
I was given this recipe last year. I tried it out one morning (Texas county, south central Missouri) and got deer pictures that same day (evening). The mixture was put in a location that did not show signs of deer, nor had any thing else been used there to draw the deer in with. We were using this as a test to prove to us if it really worked or not. (I am from the Sho-Me State) I was told to dissolve the mixture in water and spray it on leaves, branchs, logs, etc. like they show on TV for "C'Mere DEER".

Well, I was on the lazy side that day and didn't dissolve it in water. I put the ingredients together in a bucket. Then using another bucket, I poured it back and forth between the two buckets to mix the dry ingredients well without getting my hands in it.

Then I poured it onto the ground. I then set up trail cams. That evening I got pictures of deer coming to the mixture. They came from down wind. They liked the smell.

Here is the simple recipe: 4 lb bag of sugar 1 lb table salt (with or without iodine doesn't seem to matter) 10 packages of grape kool-aid

Actually, it seems to me that the 4 to 1 ratio of sugar to salt doesn't seem to matter much. I think it will work equally well with a 1 to 1 ratio. The "aroma" (for you true rednecks, "smell") of the grape kool-aid seems to be the main draw.

My son mixed this up and put it out behind his house with trail cams (St. Louis area). Then he called me and asked what kind of kool-aid? "Grape" I said. Oooops, he use cherry kool-aid. . . . Cherry, seemed to work well also. He got pic's of deer licking the mixture.

If you use this. . . . Use it as the laws and regulations dictate.

From: dafish
Someone came out with some powder you were to put in a corn feeder to inhanse the corn, it was about what you have there. It smelled like rasberry or strawberry jello. I did not and do not have any feeders so when I hunted Kansas I just put it on the ground with a little corn and if a deer was down wind it would come right to it. I had forgotten all about that until know. Might be good for preseason cameras.

dafish - - I don't know about that. I do know there is a package of apple aroma powder that is added to corn. It smells GOOOD. I can't tell if it work any better than just plain ole corn.

From: Smorgon199
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That's a nice recipe and I already knew and tested sweat treats to bait deer, and it worked every time. However, you should be careful of how much sugar you use as it can cause health issues for the deer. I read great stories at https://deerhuntinglife.com/ about people using syrup on their corn and spread it among deer feeders and it works wonders. Next morning, your garden will be full of deer.

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