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Unit 21 Coues Deer
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Maverick940 29-Dec-11
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Chuckster 29-Dec-11
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Maverick940 31-Dec-11
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From: Maverick940
Anybody heard of any big Coues bucks recently being killed in Unit 21 during any of the seasons (rifle or bow)? I had my eye on a really big buck that I spent almost the whole month of January 2011 trying to get, and now I can't find him. Don't know if a lion got him or if a two-legged predator happened to kill him. Hopefully no one killed him and he'll show up in the next couple weeks. Anyway, was just wondering if anyone heard any reports of a really big Coues coming out of Unit 21 this year?

From: glasmup
I know of a few really good ones killed this year. How big and what did he look like?

From: Chuckster
One of my co-workers killed a whopper mulie in 21 opening weekend. Said it green scored 185 but had some deductions bringing it down to 165. He had been scouting this thing for two months so needless to say he was very happy. Good luck and hopefully your Coues will show up.

From: aspen bulls
A buddy of mine killed a coues that went 118 in 21, it was a monster! It was a rifle kill a couple weeks ago.

From: Maverick940
It's hard to say if anybody got him, or not. The buck is or was in the southern part of the unit and he's been hard for me to kill. Hunting in the southern portion is within the burn and it's pretty much all spot-and-stalk type hunting in that stuff.

The 118 buck that Aspen Bulls mentioned doesn't sound like him, unless he's shrunk somewhat. Gosh, I hope a lion didn't get him and that I'm able to eventually find him.

In 34 years of hunting Unit 21, it's by far and away the biggest buck I've ever seen in that unit; potentially a P&Y World Record - tall 5x5 with 20+ inch beams and about a 15+ inside spread and lots of mass.

From: glasmup
the buck is still alive! we have seen what could be that buck! and we are trying to kill him. he has moved a little from where he used to be.

You ever end up killing this buck?


From: Shaft2Long
Yea man, time for the rest of the story.

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