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just booked with scott mileur
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just sent my deposit for a 2014 spring hunt on kodiak with scott mileur. did a ton of research and feel good about my choice. now i just have to work enuff to pay for it and count down the days till i set foot on the island!!!!

From: acgator
Cool! Do you have to draw a tag or is this a registration hunt?

You will not be disappointed. Scott is a standup guy and has a great area.

Btw, acgator, once you have the contract with the outfitter there in GMU 8, you will get the NR permit for that particular Guide Use Area. On Kodiak, the GUAs are aligned with the ADFG permit areas.


From: Maverick940
Congratulations, Redneck Hunter !!!!

You can't go wrong with Scott, that's for sure. He's a great guy and a very good guide and you'll thoroughly enjoy your hunt with him. Follow his advice when preparing for the hunt and everything should go smoothly in terms or getting ready. Once you get into the field you'll definitely have a great time with Scott. Best wishes.


Redneckhunter, You will have a great time. Hunted with Scott in Spring 2009. Shot a great bear. Scott is a great outfitter. Got any questions I can help with?

So, are you a bowhunter or will you be a rifle hunter on this trip?

From: AkBigbears
Scott is a stand up guy. Will work hard to get you your bear too. Good Luck

From: kevin3006
So how did your hunt go?

Killed a 9 1/2' bear. Skull measured 28 1/8" green and dried to 27 3/4". Scott was awesome and the whole trip was outstanding.

From: redwillow
Redneck, did you arrow that bear?

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