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From: Skullwerx
Anyone have info on unit 50, also includes 500 & 501, for deer? Type of terrain, pressure, both hunting and hikers, deer numbers, accessibility? Thanks. Jake

From: oldgoat
If u do a search on here about gmu 50 u should see some info. I hunted that unit hard for elk & seen a grand total of 5 deer. They are there but the orv traffic is off the charts. If you draw that tag I'd concentrate on the other units that it covers and leave 50 aside unless there's an early blizzard in the surrounding high country, 50 is probably great for late season.

Unit 50 is pretty much pronghorn overall and elk winter range, even up high around 11,000 feet in surrounding units I've only seen a few deer when the season was open, just not many around. Now if you can get permission to hunt private land around poncha springs that would be a great hunt.

From: Skullwerx
Thanks for the info guys. Looks like I will have to research another unit.

From: OldFart
I also hunted 50 this last year for deer (I have a cabin in the area)and concur with oldgoat's comments. Ray

From: SkiBowBike
I hunted 50 for pronghorn otc 2 years ago. Went all over and found a lot of pronghorn mixed in with the private land. I also found elk, however it seemed that they were always on the move? the elk seemed that they were getting pushed whenever i would see them. Not trying to bust your bubble, however i have seen heards of 50 plus with satellites trailing that were 5x5's. I have seen good elk just less dense than other OTC units.

Either way good luck and i hope this helps.

From: oldgoat
Yep, my buddy that's hunted there last 5 consecutive seasons would concur with you prior to last season. Wasn't that great this year in the usual places. Seen three good bulls & zero cows personally, my buddy got into a herd once. Elk are where you find them & next year they might be where they weren't this year. Think the deer hold more true year to year though and I didn't see many but found lots of sheds which tells me its there wintering grounds.

From: huntingbob
Got a rifle Pronghorn tag in a few days. Advice?

Have a good map

From: Destroyer350
PM Sent

From: drmike
Concur with Mathewsshooter2!

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