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Arkansas Roll Call
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Tater 16-Sep-12
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catman 26-Oct-13
hunt forever 21-Dec-13
From: Ladd(mobile)
I have been on the site for years. I used to live in Alaska but now I'm back here in Arkansas(where I grew up). I usually scan the forums and read posts but hardly ever post.

I am just curious how many active members we have in Arkansas? So I thought I would do a roll call to see who is here and what is on tap for you season..

From: Ladd(mobile)
wow. that many!!!!!

Guess it's just you and me, I'm around Fayetteville. Oh well, more deer for us. I've hunted for years but last year was my first time bow hunting and I took a dandy doe. I fixed a guy's AC and he gave me an old school Bear, first generation compound for payment. it's definitely nothing fancy but I can shoot it reasonably well. I dusted it off the other day and I've been practicing for a couple weeks and I've got the fever again. Been seeing 2 very nice bucks around here, hopefully one will come my way on opening day. 8)

From: wez
I guess that I make three! I also check these site from time to time and it is terrible that so few of us in Arkansas use this forum. I go to Colorado each year and use this site for news on elk movements, weather, gas prices, so much info available. More people should use this site. Anyway, I am here in the big city of Danville Ar. Good hunting and God Bless.

From: Slik Trik
One more here from SE Arkansas. Don't feel bad, I can't get anyone from Iowa forum to respond to nonresident questions about public land in Zone 3. Generally the MO state forum is pretty good, but slow lately. Arkansas forum is always slow.

I hardly ever check the state forum. I stay over at the leatherwall mostly....

From: Pat Lefemine
This forum is lurker-rich. It does decent traffic but very little participation. Maybe you guys can change that.

Thank you for visiting Bowsite.


I'm here in the Northwest, I check in every few days to see if there is anything I need to voice an opinion about. The hot weather has gotten to us here and I don't really know what to expect come the 15th. If it's still warm I may put off the start of my bow hunting for a few weeks. The fish still bite so I can always have something to do.


From: Ladd(mobile)
I was beginning to worry. Glad to see everyone on here. Im here in SW ARK in Magnolia. Yes, it has been hot. I have been hard at it with food plots, scouting, and checking cameras. I know I have been burning the roads up. I have an elk tag for here in Arkansas and season is fastly approaching and then a moose tag for Idaho.

Old school bear, congrat's and welcome to bowhunting. it is an awesome thing. good luck this year.

wez, i agree that there is a wealth of info on here and it is a great site.

Slik, do you have a Iowa tag? where in SE Ark you locate?

It would be great to keep up with how everyone's season is going as it progresses.

Pat, how have you been? Are you going to PY this spring in Dallas.

From: bigiron
northwest corner for me. the deer here this year are really in poor condition, you can count their ribs & see the hip bones very easilly. gonna be tough to find one worth shooting.

From: Salagi
Northwest for me too. Seeing plenty of does and fawns up here but few bucks. That doesn't bother me too much tho, I like seeing antlers, but have been known to let them walk while waiting on a doe.

Ladd - I was in Mag town this summer to see my daughter at SAU. Had a great uncle who passed away recently who lived in Huttig also.

From: Ladd(mobile)
Well, season opens Saturday. Who is going?

Salagi, SAU seems to be a good school with a nice campus.

It will be cool for a few hours Sat. morning so I will be there until the bugs start buzzing. At least that's the forecast for NW Ark. Deer are looking better and are visible more lately, so maybe we'll have some action the first few days.

Good luck all...


From: Tater
Im in NE Ark. don't come into the state forum that often.

From: Ladd(mobile)
Tater, where in NE? I grew up in that country//

From: Tater

From: Tater

From: Beeze

From: Ladd(mobile)
Tater, I grew up in Leachville. Any deer success yet anyone?

From: Slik Trik
Breeze: Finally got an Iowa tag after 3 years. Located in SE part. No hunting yet, don't care for the September stuff, get serious in late October through late January.

From: ozark
I'm in the NW corner. Waiting for cooler weather to slow the bugs down. I hear Blue Tongue is getting a few near me, so hopefully this rain and cooler weather will stop that.

From: htr2133
So glad to be back in AR; lived in VA for 13 years. NE Arkansas, Jonesoboro. Hunting public land (Scatter Creek WMA) and some private land when invited this year!

From: ladd

ladd's embedded Photo
ladd's embedded Photo
Well, I have not been on here in awhile between work and hunting. Started post about success but not going over well.

I was scouting for elk around Gene Rush the weekend before season and had a gentlemen stop me on the road. He wanted me to help with two deer that were locked up. Their was a decent buck dragging another dead buck. We couldn't seperate them so I had to shoot the living buck. Unique situation.

From: ladd

ladd's embedded Photo
ladd's embedded Photo
sorry I meant before elk season started. Then I was able to connect on my elk that tuesday evening.

From: lv2bohunt
Not many Arkansans on this forum. I live in central Arkansas and hunt southwest Arkansas.

From: Bushman
From NE Arkansas. I've been bow hunting for over fifty years. I mostly hunt on Dave Donaldson and Rainey Brake WMA.

From: MaddJack
From Central Arkansas. I've been hunting since I was about 10 and bowhunting since 15. A long time ago! I hunt mostly around Sheidan, sometimes in the Ouchitas.

From: ar troy
Searcy here.

From: DonMatzeder
Since I'm here, I'll check in too. I'm in Berryville...NW just outside Madison Co WMA

From: bowpackerROB
Murfreesboro, right beside Greeson WMA. I frequent the bowsite big game forum but not alot of activity on the state site. I hunt New Mexico and Colorado every year for elk which is one of my reasons for using the big game forum.

From: the_runner
I currently live in Memphis, but am from AR and hunt there most weekends. St Francis County.

From: bowhunter22
Lepanto NE corner live here in sPring and summer stay in Illinois during deer season

From: ozarkmanp

From: toobusy

From: wez
Danville checking in, Good hunting and God Bless.

From: RedArcher43
Morrilton.....mostly hunt Ed Gordon



From: catman
NW of Pea Ridge

From: hunt forever
Benton, Arkansas

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