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Jumper Creek
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Pudders 07-Sep-12
redneck hunter 07-Sep-12
Pudders 07-Sep-12
MarvinHall 18-Feb-21
GaleShimp 07-Mar-24
From: Pudders
Well I pulled an archery quota permit for Jumper Creek & Citrus WMA's. Are any of you familiar with those sites? I scouted Jumper Creek for a few weeks, and boy is it hot, buggy, snake infested and flooded, but I have a couple spots picked out. I "heard" a bunch of pig's, so maybe I can get some pork loins. I hiked in about 2.5 miles, and felt like I was swimming most of the time. LOL!

I normally hunt in GA, but with the economy and a firefighters salary it doesn't make sense anymore. So this year will be my first FL hunt, and my first public land hunt. Season starts next weekend at jumper creek, and I was wondering if anyone else on here will be hunting there?

Stay safe!

if you dont have compass get one as gps doesnt work all the time because of the canopy.there are some big deer and hogs in jumper creek, but there are big snakes and flying insects also.right now youll have to find some dry ground island and hunt those.

From: Pudders
redneck hunter,

I only use my trusty compass. Had a GPS fail on me one too many times, and there is know worse feeling, than being lost.

Thats pretty much what I figuerd, I found a few island spots, but with the river at flood stage and rain on the horizon, it may be a moot point.

Thanks buddy.

From: MarvinHall
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