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Can mounted deer be legally sold in MD?
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From: gobbler
I have a question. I live in WV. My brother,who lived in Maryland died last year. He had a legally harvested and scored Boone and Crockett buck from southern Maryland. (172 I think) . His wife dosen't want it. Can mounted deer be legally sold in Maryland?

Thanks, in advance

From: Habby
I dont see why not. Can you sell them in other States?

From: gobbler
Most states, but some states have funny laws about selling wildlife parts.

From: Skip
You are right- some state prohibit the sale of game animal parts. I think its OK to sell mounted heads in MD- at least I have seen them advertised- but a call to DNR should give you the answer. or call some of the local taxidermists.

I have seen several deer heads for sale at "Sam's butcher shop" and my buddy had bought a unclaimed mount from a taxidermist a few years back. I think it's totally legal. Just not legal to sell game MEAT.

From: Keefers
Just about every week at Foxwell auctions in Cambridge Md. they are auctioned off..To me that's the same as selling and I would think if Buddy could do it then it's o.k....If not then he's breaking the law and doesn't know it or does He?...

From: Habby
I was talking to a D.N.R. Oficer last night and ha told me that Npart or parts of a deer can be sold in the state of MD. He also told me that if you have a deer or a bear mount you better have the tag with it that you got when you checked it in, this goes for all antlers that you have collected over the years. I have a few found buck skuls that I came across while in the woods and he said that they are illegel to have unless you call the D.N.R. and have a officer come out and tag it in the place you found it. I asked about sheds and he said it was a grey area???

From: guidermd
no parts of a deer or mounts are legal to sell in maryland. possession of any deep parts requires a possession tag. i have had to acquire a number of these from dnr in the past. antler lamps, sheds, mounts, etc no legal for sale in maryland, check the law


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