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is ndow putting to many tags out?
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tribute4811 17-Nov-12
Double Drops 17-Nov-12
Double Drops 17-Nov-12
tribute4811 22-Nov-12
nvmuleyhnter 26-Nov-12
NvaGvUp 30-Jan-13
gamedog 07-Feb-13
Double Drops 08-Feb-13
gamedog 26-Feb-13
nv goat 01-Apr-13
Snag 15-Jun-13
Gr8bawana 06-Jul-13
gamedog 20-Jul-13
NvaGvUp 28-Dec-13
From: tribute4811
Is it just me or does anyone else feel ndow put to many tags out this year? are you seeing the number of deer they are claiming that are out there?

From: Double Drops

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Yes, they are putting out way too many.

From: Double Drops
Sorry, I attached an interesting article that you should read.

From: tribute4811
i checked it out and it sounds about right thanks for sharing that

From: nvmuleyhnter
Way to many tags, and definitely not the amount of deer to support their claims. It's about money to them

From: NvaGvUp
They did not issue too many tags. The buck:doe ratio was 40:100, which is ridiculously high. Every single road kill doe that was picked up in late 2011/early 2012 was pregnant! Every one.

Listen to the professional biologists, not knee-jerk know-nothings like Lent and Sportsman's Alert.

From: gamedog
Please. Mule deer population in Nevada is not on the rise. Keep giving out that many tags and all we will be shooting is forkies. Someone explain to me what happened to the Sheldon range?

From: Double Drops
Leave it up to the professionals? Ya, population goes from 200,000 plus down to under 110,000 and they continue to let the population decrease because they could care less about quality hunting. It's all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

From: gamedog
Anybody know why the head hancho of NDOW was let go? I havnt had the time to research it but it sounds like the interim guy could be someone I would trust. Again, I havnt done the research so I don't have a conclusive thought... Yet.

From: nv goat
Agree 100% w Nvagvup. The biologists know what they are doing. Their science is sound. The approach of Lent and the Sportsman's alert is based on self interest, not animal science.

From: Snag
This is the way the western states are going...chasing the $$$. You can have very few deer but still have a high buck to doe ratio. Should be managing for good numbers and good buck to doe ratio. But more tags means more money for them. That's the gov't for you! (One more digital profile for them to keep on me! haha)

From: Gr8bawana
I don't know about you guys but I have been hunting in Nevada since 1974. Before that I was too young to hunt but was tagging along since about 1970. If you think those were the good times like that idiot from sportsmans alert because you could just go to the local bait shop and but a tag over the counter, let me say we were hard pressed to se a deer... any deer, does were legal. Things didn't get good until quite a few years after the quota system went into place. if they really gave out too many tags like some of you say, we would run out of deer and then there would be no money to be made from them. So they are not going to let them be overhunted.

From: gamedog
I'm talking quality not quantity.

From: NvaGvUp

The Governor was getting lots of letters and e-mails from people like Lent and Sportsman's Alert trashing Ken Mayer. I think it wore him out.

To stop the onslaught, he let Ken go. The funny thing is that he then appointed Tony Wasley, a great guy who has the exact same policies as Ken did.

Ken's an awesome guy and he'll do just fine. With Tony at the helm, NDOW is in great shape.

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