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Unit 31 elk
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bagel 25-Feb-13
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Delmag1942 27-Feb-13
Delmag1942 27-Feb-13
9er 28-Feb-13
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stevecrump 01-Mar-13
BULELK1 05-Mar-13
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bagel 17-Mar-13
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cravingame 22-Aug-19
outwest 23-Oct-19
From: bagel
Well I hit the wyoming elk non resident lottery and pulled unit 31 on regular. I have been researching this area for a while. Im going to bow hunt it for the last 2 weeks of september. Any advice on the area would be great. Im trying to make sure all my basis are covered because I probably wont have this tag again. I know there are alot of roads but alot of elk. Im hearing the bull size has drop a bit, but there are still some 320+ bulls to be found. thanks again

From: delmag1942
My buddy last year hunted for a week (archery DIY) and sorted through ALOT of bulls up to 320-330. He ended up taking a 360 with a rifle the last week of the season. He was a NR.

From: 9er
congrats on the draw, keep us posted on your hunt!!!

delmag1942, have any pics of your buddys bull???

From: Delmag1942
9er standby I think so.........

From: Delmag1942

Delmag1942's embedded Photo
Delmag1942's embedded Photo

From: 9er
great bull thanks for sharing

had he seen this bull before? Its hard to pass up so many 310-320 bulls looking for something bigger when the big bulls are few and far between

From: delmag1942
Negative. He has no problem passing bulls. My buddy owns his own outfitting business in NM.

From: stevecrump
Drew Unit 31 WY ELK for 2013. Any hunters from 2012?

I film a 30 minute DVD movie most every year for some fellow bowsiter that has drawn 31 or 32.

I have no problem doing one again this year.

Helpful scouting tool for you lucky tag holders.

Good luck, Robb

From: happyhunter
Congrats on drawing a tough to get tag. I also had this tag in 2010 and had a blast. I think I can help get you ahead of the learning curve on this hunt as Robb ( BULELK1) kindly did for us.

I tried to send you a pvt msg but I'm not sure it went through. You can send me one with your email addy I'll respond.


From: bagel
happy hunter For some reason I cant get the private message to work either. They are having problems I will try again.

From: bagel
Happy hunter I got your PM thanks for the info.

From: shamu
bagel, 5 friends and I drew as a group of NR hunters in unit 31 back in 2007. 2 killed with bows and 4 with rifles. Had an awesome hunt. Been a while ago, but I would be happy to share any info I can with you from our hunt. PM me if I can help.

From: Cravingame

Cravingame's embedded Photo
The Golden Ticket
Cravingame's embedded Photo
The Golden Ticket
13 years waiting! Pinch me. Any guys with some knowledge to share on Elk unit 31? I’m so excited!! Planning on bow hunting a couple weeks before the rifle opens, then close the deal with the rifle if it comes to that. LETS GO!!

From: Mulieking1
Cravingame, I’ll also be chasing the bulls in 31 this September. I’m really looking forward to it.

From: Pop-r
Jc...What's that unit take to draw?

From: cravingame
Took 13 PPs(Max)

From: outwest
Wondering how you guys made out on your hunt ? I am also a max point holder and have been trying to get that 31 tag . Hope both you scored and had a great hunt !

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