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New mature buck definition proposed
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DonMatzeder 08-Mar-13
Oak Walker 02-Jun-13
bigiron 03-Jun-13
ozark 11-Jun-13
thesquid 22-Jun-13
Oak Walker 26-Jun-13
bigiron 28-Jun-13
ozark 17-Aug-13
DonMatzeder 18-Aug-13
stealthycat 06-May-14
doug 14-May-14
MichaelArnette 22-Nov-16
stealthycat 25-Nov-16
From: DonMatzeder
The state has sent out a survey proposing a definition change that would make a mature buck in the sweet sixteen WMA's have a 12 in spread or a 16 in main beam. I like it...point count still allows some immature bucks to be harvested that could get much better with age.

From: Oak Walker
A trophy should be defined by the hunter not the state. There is so much more to consider than just antler size. I can remember a couple of fork horn 1 1/2 old's over the years that I would not trade for a 200 inch deer. We should manage deer numbers and leave deer size up to the individual.

From: bigiron
leave it alone; it's a joke as it is. truth be known most TROPHY bucks in northwest ark. are shot after dark.

From: ozark
Against it. Any buck I stick on public land is a trophy to me.

From: thesquid

A trophy should be defined by the hunter not the state. If you want to wait it out do it but let the guy or kid looking for his/her first deer shoot what ever they want. I never had antler soup and I'm not going to try any.

From: Oak Walker
What really gets me is that you here the state saying that the majority of hunters want these regulations. If that is really true then let the majority pass up the smaller deer and only shoot a "big one". If the vast bulk of hunters want to do this then let them do it voluntarily and you will get similar results without imposing more regs on hunters. Which when it boils down to it is just the state exploiting the deer herd to try and capitalize on the ever increasing obsession with large antlers. Makes me want to scream!!!!!

From: bigiron
antlers has just as much to do with the doe's genes also.

From: ozark
It is now the law on Sweet 16 WMA's.

From: DonMatzeder
The have not published this years regs. I think it's on line but I have not studied it. Heck, no hurry, we've got 6 weeks yet..8>)

From: stealthycat
I love it - much easier for rifle hunters to determine 16" and 12" spreads at 125-150 yards I imagine ...


From: doug
if they want big horns, lets shoot spikes, fork horns & six point, & nothing bigger for about four years & see what happens. let the bigger get bigger & breed more Doe.

16" spread is a great rule! It's going to be a mature buck 3.5 years old or better and will make public land in Arkansas a great place to hunt

From: stealthycat
people can't tell a 135" P&Y from a 165" P&Y and they're going to be expected to tell 16"


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