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From: AJ

AJ's embedded Photo
AJ's embedded Photo
Opening day for my area is April 1st. Just for grins I set up a camera along a trail........ Turkey tags are on the desk, decoy's are dusted off. Taget practice daily. I'll I can do now is hope the turkeys ain't playing chicken while I'm hunting!

Good luck to you all.

From: sundowner
How on earth did those corn cobs get "along a trail"? Just curious.

From: AJ
I was hunting whitetail last season from that spot. Knowing the fine line between "baiting" or not, ain't no way I'll be sitting over the cobs. Just knowing birds are on the property is all I need.

From: sundowner
Oh. There is really no fine line between baiting or not. Baiting is defined and described in detail in the S.C. Regulations Booklet. If in doubt, call a game warden.

Non resident from Tennessee looking for turkey guide in Myrtle Beach area any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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