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From: Misterx
Has anyone used this type of broadhead? it seems like they would meet the legal requirements in washington.

here is the link,

From: buckfvr
What I see in their picture is rear facing barbs which are illegal here, plus the radial appearance of the head makes me think quartering shots would be prone to skipping off ribs..........

From: Yendor
Based on what I see from the picture, the fact that it is not completely closed at the rear, it is considered barbed and would not be legal in Washington. I also think that with the design, you would lose a lot of penetration and would not slide over or off ribs itc. I think it would be hard to get a pass through. Another gimmick product.

From: Yendor
I was in Cabella's today picking up so Slick Trick broadheads, (put a huge hole in Elk) Can't wait to put a hole in a Moose this year. I asked the saleslady about mechanical broadheads, and asked her if they ask the purchasers where they plan on hunting. She told me that they usually do ask if they are planning on hunting in Washington, and if they say yes, they advice them that mechanicals are not legal. One shopper told her that they were only illegal if you get stopped. she ended that conversation right away. However they are getting the Toxic broadheads in next week, and they have asked the state for guidance. The state WDFW told them that they would be considered legal in Washington. Go figure. But she did say that out of all of their broadheads that they sell more Slick Tricks tahn anything else.

From: westla
In all my bowhunting in Washington, I've only seen one game warden (in the late season about 15 years ago). But I still wouldn't use mechanical broadheads

From: Yendor
I haven't seen one for a couple of years. for many years we had him come by every year. He never checked anything, just shot the shit with us.

From: b0w_bender
If you look at them a bit more closely they are clearly not barbed and the back of the blade does slope forward (toward the point). As far as I can tell they are not moving blades so I don't see why they would be considered mechanical. So Ya perfectly legal as far as I can tell.

Now are they any good? well I like the KISS method, I'll take the thunderhead every day of the week.

From: KhampaSports
From what I see and read (and I have asked a number of guys to confirm) they are legal. And looking at the pictures and reviews on the internet on these things, they are lethal. Guys are getting full pass through on deer. Not sure how it would do with an elk, but am thinking about using 'em for late season.

From: spyder
I have talked to many Flying Arrow Archery field staff and the assured me they wouldn't promote the use of Toxics in WA if they were illegal. Go to Flying Arrow Archery's FB page and give them a like. Check out the Toxic Tuesday giveaways. Also check out their TomBomb turkey broad head.

From: Dreaming Big
I would never use them personally. On another note, mechanical broadheads look to be headed to the legal list for the 2015 season. It should pass easily at the march meeting is my guess.

From: 44magnum
I used a toxic broad head last year I shot a 3x3 buck it dropped instantly toxic broad head so nasty damage over kill in my opinion the take a lot of energy for a pass through shot would not shoot an animal over 25 yards with one but keep one in your quiver for close shots and make your bow has a lot of kinetic energy I would not use a toxic in a 50 pound pull bow I run 70 lb and had a hard time getting past through

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