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child support and licenses
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mixed bag 05-Jun-13
Surfbow 14-Aug-13
MDW 18-Dec-13
From: mixed bag
I'm heading to Ak this August for caribou and wondered how they work getting a license if I owe back support.I just went thru domestics here and right from the door I owe $580 plus $980 a month.I can make the monthly payments but what if I don't have the back support paid up??Some states go off your child support record,is Ak one of them?? and "NO" I'm not trying to dodge my payments,but the extra $980 a month is tough enough to come up with.Yet alone the arrears that I would have 2 months to pay up Thanks

From: Surfbow
How on earth can you afford to go to AK to hunt if you can't afford child support?

From: MDW
Just curious, whatever happened to this dude?

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