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New NE Washington Archery hunter
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returnofsid 26-Jun-13
b0w_bender 26-Jun-13
westla 16-Jul-13
returnofsid 27-Jul-13
wayne1 05-Dec-13
Elkstuffer 21-Dec-13
From: returnofsid
Hi all!!

Well, figured I'd introduce myself. I haven't hunted since 1999! Between 1985 and 1999 I rifle hunted, killing a deer each year and an elk in 98. I taught my son how to rifle hunt and now it's time for him to teach his ol' man. He's now an archery hunter and I've wanted to start. Well, for Father's Day my children pooled their resources and bought me a compound bow!! It's not new but it's a start! I'm left handed and they purchased me a Matthews SQ2, completely set up.

I grew up near Newport and now live in Spokane. My son loaned me his block target which I've set up in the back yard, which allows me 20-30 yards to practice. So far, I'm feeling fairly confident though also fairly sore!

My son took me to my first 3D Shoot, outside Priest River, ID last weekend. It was a 2 day shoot and we were only able to shoot Saturday but it was a blast!!

From: b0w_bender
Excellent news Welcome to the fold!

From: westla
Welcome to WA. Hope you enjoy the archery adventure.

From: returnofsid
HAHA the addiction has really set in!

Yesterday I purchased a left handed 2007 Hoyt Vectrix XT500 50-60lb and 29" DL. It came complete with a Copper John Dead Nut 2 4 pin sight, a QAD Ultra Rest HD Full Series and 2 piece FUSE posi-lite quiver. It also included a hard case, 18 Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows, 8 of which have broadheads (not sure of brand), a bag target and broadhead block target, a fletching tool, a couple packs of fletchings and other misc. "stuff" that I haven't identified All for $200.00 on Craigslist!

From: wayne1
Welcome!!!! If you are anything like most'll never go back to the rifle :)

From: Elkstuffer
Good deal. You are in a great spot for big whitetails. Head north for the late season and hunt the rut. Keep us posted on your success!

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