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Driving to Alaska from Ohio
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Jim in Ohio 27-Jun-13
GoneAgain 03-Jul-13
muskeg 04-Jul-13
DonVathome 24-Aug-13
MDW 09-Feb-14
dwc 24-Feb-14
oldtimer 05-Mar-14
From: Jim in Ohio
On July 18th we will be leaving Ohio and driving to Alaska. This will be our second time as we went with another couple 6 years ago.

This time we will drive to Montana and then up to Banff National Park. From there we will go to Prince George and Smithers on highway 16 and then on Highway 37 to Iskut and on to Watson lake. We understand this a long way on wild and uninhabited areas. We have a 2012 F-150 4x4 Ecoboost engine and a 36 gallon tank. After we get to Fairbanks, we want to drive to the Arctic circle and to Coldfoot, Alaska.

Then we will spend about 3 weeks in Alaska seeing all the sights and fishing for salmon from the river banks. I have been fishing for salmon and steelhead since I was a teenager in Washington state so I know how to catch them.

We will be taking the Ferry back from Haines Alaska to Bellingham Washington just like we did the first trip.

Any advice would be appreciated including where to fish and neat places to visit. Jim in Ohio

From: GoneAgain
Jim, What part of Ohio are you coming from? I have an old whitetail mount I need to get to Alaska. I shot it in 1985 and my sister would like it out of her house. I would be willing to get you out in the ocean for some silvers and rock fish out of Seward. Wife's a fishing guide and operates out of Seward if your interested. jeff

From: muskeg
You will love the Casiar Hwy ... if you have the weather you will see it is one (if not the most) scenic routs.

If you have time be sure to take the Hyder / Stewart turnoff at Meziadin. A day in Hyder and a meal at The Bus of fresh seafood is worth the 30 mile drive.

From: DonVathome
Sorry no advice but ENJOY! I have no driven but I know the drive is amazing!

From: MDW
(Jim in Ohio) how did the trip go? Thinking of taking that same route this coming fall. What were the roads like? Any tips, advise woulg be gladly accepted.

From: dwc
Anyone driving thru Canada to Alaska should really have a copy of Milepost. Get it online at

From: oldtimer

oldtimer's embedded Photo
oldtimer's embedded Photo
We drove from NM in 2011 to Alaska and all points in between ,Went in through the Northern route and came back Southern and the food was great at the bus in Hyder. Spent a great six weeks there, cant wait to make a return trip. Over 11,000 mile driving

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