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Lighted nocks legal in Cali?
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From: willliamtell
Wondering if lighted nocks are legal in Cali? Could go to the website if I had an extra half-hour to wander in that wilderness, but but figured you-all would know.

I seem to remember something about no electronic anything on the bow in the regs. I'm 90% sure they're illegal in CA.

From: willliamtell
Guess I'm going to have to watch the arrow all the way in, like they say to do.

From: DanPride
I just recently saw something that was an amendment to the regulations for 2013 that legalizes lighted nocks, stating that the original wording meant that no light could be projected toward the target, and that lighted nocks aid in the recovery of the animal. Don't take my word for it, look it up, but I'm pretty sure they're legal now.

From: wakmasterr
Please double check to be sure but the Fish and Game Commission was working this year to legalize the use of lighted nocks. If this has been completed then great, otherwise they will still be illegal.

Also keep in mind that the Pope & Young Club, the Boone & Crockett Club, and the California Bowmen Hunters do not accept entries for any trophies taken with lighted nocks. You may want to think twice just in case a new state or world record steps into range!

From: willliamtell
Looked through the DFWP site but couldn't find anything banning illuminated nocks. Wouldn't it be great if they had an answer in their FAQ section?

Regarding records, well let's just say a decent 3-point (plus eyeguards) is a trophy where I hunt.

From: DanPride
I apologize if I am wrong, I came across what I was referring to when searching something else, thought it was interesting, and moved on in my search. When I tried to find it again, I couldn't. Record books mean nothing to me so a non issue, but I do think if legal I would try the lighted knocks. I don't see anyway that they give the hunter any advantage in getting the opportunity for a shot at game, only after the shot has been executed do they play a role.

From: WylieCoyote
The use of lighted nocks has been somewhat vague in the Calif. Dept. of Wildlife (new name) regulations. Dan Pride is exactly correct that it was proposed by the Dept. to allow them as they didn't meet the intent of the law prohibiting any electronic device that cast a light. The Dept. believes that game retrieval will be enhanced with these devices and it would be in the best interest of the specie to allow them. Clarification language was proposed at the June 2013 F&G Commission meeting and adopted last week.


From: reddot
this is what I pulled from the Calif web site.

No Change Alternative: The no change alternative was considered and rejected because the current language in FGC 2005 restricts the use of lighted nocks on archery and cross bow arrows.

From: TradTony
They're legal as are lights for sights so as long as it cannot project a beam of light to game animals.

From: willliamtell
Wow, they actually passed a good regulation in Cali. One less thing to worry about (but adding tuning my bow for the extra weight in the back of the arrow, and trying to figure out which brand is the best (long debate last year between Nockturnals and Illuminocks).

From: loudman70
Everything is legal as long as your slick about it.Just kidding,yes they are legal.

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