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Lick Creek hunting partner needed
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b0w_bender 15-Aug-13
stickflngr 16-Aug-13
b0w_bender 29-Aug-13
b0w_bender 26-Dec-13
stickflngr 27-Dec-13
westla 30-Dec-13
From: b0w_bender
Hi guys after hunting the last four years with a good friend he has informed me that it looks like he may be moving out of state. Most of my other buddies have camps and locations that are a little closer to home and not all that interested in hunting the blue mountains. Since being introduced to the lick creek area (GMU 175)I've been smitten and just love it there. If you are also looking for a hunting partner and or looking to add a forth to your group in that area please feel free to give me a holler.

PS ELK and Deer season are open at the same time in this GMU

From: stickflngr
PM sent

From: b0w_bender
PM'ed you back. I'm the archery instructor at the Issaquah Sportsmen's Club so if you are having issues getting in touch with me you can find more contact info there too

thanks Pat

From: b0w_bender

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Well I never did find anyone to hunt with and ended up having to hunt by my self. Although I had several opportunities to shoot a cow I passed in the hope that I would be able to fill my quality bull tag. Unfortunately I never even shot an arrow so as far as Elk go I had to eat tag soup. As a great consolation prize I stumbled into this beast who was eating a fawn she was at 18 yards when I stapled her. She only went 10 feet and was dead. It was a long hike out but totally worth it.

From: stickflngr
Congrats on the cat..... I didnt get your PM until after season as I headed up there on the 27th.. If your up there next year Im usually in the Misery springs camp ground

From: westla
Nice cat! Congratulations. I've only run into one while hunting in Washington and 3 in California.

Elk hunting in Washington is tough. I saw very few this year and was only looking for a medium sized cow.

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