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From: Swampbuck
Went up for some final prep work before season opens. Found some nice rubs. 1 month left

From: itshot
sounds familiar swampbuck

didn't make time for much scouting, except looking at persimmons

Little to no fruit on the ones I saw, how are yours doing?

From: Swampbuck
Awfully wet this year but did see some fruit, wasn't really scouting either just happened upon them, some rubs were on 3" round ceder and cypress, set up some cams with new sd cards again( you know what I mean ) and hid them better. My dad is headed up this week to pull cards and install a new gate and new locks.


Florida Cracker's embedded Photo
Florida Cracker's embedded Photo
Just got back from my place in North Fl this weekend. Got some stands hung and did some scouting. Found one of the biggest deepest rubs I have ever seen. Hoping I can get a crack at the big bit that made it.

Sorry the pic turned the wrong way. That tree is almost as big around as my leg.

From: Swampbuck
1 more week!!!!!! Forget counting days, I'm counting minutes and second, I can't wait, got some pics of swollen necks that rut should be kicking in soon

Had a buddy check my camera today. Somehow my camera was switched off. Good news is there is a fresh scrape at the base of the tree my stand is in!! Can't wait.

From: Rocket
Just joined a lease in north Florida. I'm not real familiar with Florida hunting, but I'm really stoked for this coming weekend! I'm used to hunting up in NY, but I've lived in Florida for a number of years now so I decided to join a club. They seem like a great bunch of people. Hope it's a great year. Good luck to all!!

From: Swampbuck

Glad they caught them. They are more concerned with manatee zones in A zone to go check the woods. I have had palmetto berry pickers on my place for the past couple weeks. It really messed up the deer. Hopefully they didn't mess up anything on your place. On a couple days left and hopefully someone smokes a good one. Good luck.

From: itshot

keep me posted please

Well, has anyone killed any? Had a giant chasing a doe at 80 yards this morning. Pretty early for them to be chasing up here. He chased a doe across a creek and into the field in circles. He grunted the entire time. Never got a shot. Headed back out for the afternoon hunt shortly. Good luck.

From: Swampbuck
Wow, everyone is have the same luck as myself I take it.

From: chui
No bucks down so far in my first season moving up from south FL to central FL but my fifteen year old in his first bow season has taken a 100 lb hog and a 90 lb doe. I took a doe also. So no antlers yet but a good start on filling the freezer.

A good friend of mine is mentoring his grandson, also in his first season. The boy has so far killed a doe, a spike and an eight point. All on public land!

Hunted last weekend. Shot a good 8 that we have had on camera. Had to break down and shoot him with the muzzleloader. Bucks are starting to chase with the cooler weather coming on. Hoping to make it up in a week or so to go at it again.

From: Swampbuck

Swampbuck's embedded Photo
Swampbuck's embedded Photo
Went up for the last weekend, saw a lot of does, one nice young 8pt. Ended up with this sow.

Congrats for this ends of hunting season ¡¡¡

From: itshot
Nice hog Swampbuck!

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