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New arrows
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Bowhunter0132 10-Sep-13
bigblue23 10-Sep-13
missi 14-Sep-13
Bowhunter0132 17-Sep-13
Bowhunter0132 11-Mar-14
I have enough to last me this year, but looks like I'll need to switch arrows again next year. I'm currently using Carbon Express Mach 5 arrows, but as best I can tell, they are discontinued. Recommendations for new arrows? I'm leaning towards Carbon Express Maxima. I have seen a lot of positive reviews on those.

From: bigblue23
Carbon raiders at dicks. They are buy 1 get on half off now. They are small fletched and they fly great. Best arrows I've shot so far

From: missi
My archery guy said that the Easton Carbon Raiders (which I own a dozen of) are the bottom of the barrel for arrows. I was told to try the Easton Carbon Ions (which he gave me 1/2 dozen for free so I know he wasn't just about a sale) I love them, I have shot my best grouping EVER with them. I think it's everyone personal experience and preference when choosing what you shoot with. GOOD LUCK in whatever you decide :)

Thanks guys

I have decided to go with Carbon Express Maxima.. but not I'm not sure if I should go with the red or blue series.. thoughts anyone? I'm shooting 72 lb draw, QAD drop away rest and switching over to 100 grain points/broadheads with Bohning blazer vanes.

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