Arkansas Bowhunter Association
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ladd 26-Sep-13
hunt forever 21-Dec-13
elkhunter-ny 25-Dec-13
lv2bohunt 21-Apr-14
ladd 20-May-14
bowpackerROB 22-May-14
From: ladd
I was just curious how many of us on this site are members of ABA. Also, I was wondering about your thoughts on it or about a way to get some of our fellow bowhunters together from time to time!

From: hunt forever
Do they have a website?

From: elkhunter-ny

From: lv2bohunt
Do any of you guys 3-D shoot off season?

From: ladd
I did when I first moved back to AR; however, I bought a full set of targets from the ABA so I main shoot at home now. Great way to meet people though. It is just hard for me to find the time. Where are you from in AR?

From: bowpackerROB
I do usually in late June or July. I do the same as Ladd, have a lot of targets at home that I have accumulated plus its nice to have a crowd or gathering at the man cave and enjoy the grill being fired up.

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