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Fleabite 26-Sep-13
CJD437 28-Sep-13
Treerat 28-Sep-13
stick&string 28-Sep-13
Treerat 28-Sep-13
Bob in Southington 30-Sep-13
NE Wild Game 16-Sep-18
mwylie 17-Sep-18
Bchrman11 18-Sep-18
From: Fleabite
A friend of mine that I've been using for years to process my deer just opened a new meat shop in Meriden, CT. For all who are interested in having your deer processed; he is the best! You get what you pay for. He's been processing deer for years. He's one of the best kept secrets in CT. He will make your deer into just about anything you want, cut with pork or beef: Hamburg, sausage: sweet/hot, breakfast sausage that is out of this world, stew, and all of the other cuts. Professionally wrapped, etc. The Meat Shop 211 South Broad St. Meriden, CT. 06450 (860)384-1142 Hrs: Mon-Thurs 9am-6pm, Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-3pm.

Hope this is helpful for those in the Meriden, CT. vicinity. Happy Hunting!

From: CJD437
Thanks for the info. I live in Berlin and hopefully will have something for him next week!!

From: Treerat
No problem. He used to work at Southington Beef & Pork. He and a few other guys broke away to start their own business. They used to get about 200 deer a year and he never wanted me to advertise. Now he's ready for new business. So, I hope he will be helpful for those of you who need your deer processed!

From: stick&string
What does he charge

From: Treerat
He can be a little pricey. Best thing is to call and ask. It all depends on the size of the deer. I killed a 200+lb buck in Kansas last year. It cost me if I remember for the processed meat mixed with pork about $160. It was well worth it. I got two boxes of hamburg, stew, steaks, breakfast sausage. Smaller deer like a 110lb doe would probably run you about $100. I used to butcher my own deer, but don't have the time to do it anymore. So, I just use this guy. I've tried many other butchers in the area and always was disappointed; usually never got back the amount of meat that I believed I should have, or they don't cut the meat with pork or beef, or they can't make sausage, or breakfast sausage, or their just to far away for me to drive. Things like that. I get what I pay for from this guy and have never been dissatisfied. Now he's in my back yard so I don't have to drive to Southington.

I prefer to butcher my own deer. All the experts tell you for the best tasting venison to de-bone and take all the fat and silver-skin off. The butcher can't afford to do that. But for processing I will give him a try. I've been using Noacks and he's been hit or miss with his results, not to mention the lost meat. Also for CWD the DEP recommends not to cut threw the bone.

From: NE Wild Game

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NE Wild Game's embedded Photo

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My husband just opened a Deer Processing Center in Beacon Falls. He de-bones and ages meat. He has hunted since 16 and processed deer for over 20 years. He is sooo excited to start publicly processing for hunters. Venison is very different than beef. He debones, wraps in Saran Wrap and butcher paper. Also, he hopes that it becomes more than a processing center and a place for questions, making connections and learning about hunting. Our slogan is “We take it from field to feast”.

From: mwylie
Anyone have any suggestions in the Fairfield County area?

From: Bchrman11
I live in Stratford and have been processing on the QT for sometime. I enjoy hunting as well and if those guys do it for a living than that's great. Its a hobby for me and a little extra cash. I'm a butcher from the ole school. skin, bone, custom cut, cape, cubed steaks, jerky (as long as I'm not backed up) and grind. 90 a head no matter what size. I've processed for several hunters on here and other sites in CT. Have fun Best of luck.

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