Hows everyones deer season going
North Carolina
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LH 07-Oct-13
LH 22-Dec-13
Bandicooter 25-Dec-13
adkarcher 13-Jan-14
From: LH

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I have not been hunting as much as normal but have taken some does and passed a few bucks. Nothing that I would mount yet. My daughter got a 5 point in velvet the other week I am hoping she shoots one of the 100 class bucks I have been passing.

How is everyone elses season been going? LH

From: LH

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Thanksgiving morning buck.LH

From: Bandicooter
Good job, y'all. Amazing how dead the North Carolina Bowsite site is.

From: adkarcher
Did not see many deer this year, but new to the state with one small piece of property to hunt. Finally managed to take a buck (rifle, not bow though) the Sat. before Christmas. First deer I had seen in almost 3 months.

Hoping to get more land soon.


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