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From: Bigred
I will be moving to Alaska soon with my wife who is in the military. What are the species I will have to draw for and the species I could get over the counter I would like to take care of the four species I need for the super 10 slam up there.

You can hunt most all species except MuskOx I think without drawing a tag. There are places to hunt just about everything without having to draw. For some of the better hunt areas, you'll be better served to draw a Sheep tag, but you can hunt sheep over the counter.

What are the 4 species?

From: Bigred
Black bear, Caribou, Moose and was a muskox but I will prob just try get a Montana bison tag to get that category. And thank you for the info.. Is the sheep and goats have to be guided for no resident military? Also I don't plan on paying for bush planes I want to drive as far as I can ride four wheeler in and hike to earn where would be good places for those species?

By riding a 4-wheeler and hiking, you will find yourself in direct competition with about half of the population of the entire State of Alaska! With your plan, you will need some EXCEPTIONAL luck to prevail and kill even those 3 relatively common species.

It will not be impossible, but it's not a terribly sucessful strategy.

From: MDW
Pete, what's the application time frame for the drawing on Moose & Griz, and when would the result be out? Thanks

From: Elmer@mobile
Deadline is December 15th

From: elmer@laptop
oops...December 16th.

From: Nick Muche
Bigred, where are you going to be living? I just went through all this "learning" recently and could possibly answer a few questions if you had any.

First year is going to be "ok" in that we can't hunt Sheep, Goats, or brown/grizz. But everything else we can hunt, which is nice. Second year we can do all the rest. Can't wait.

From: MDW
Got the wifes 2014 hunting license bought and the applications for drawings sent in. Now just have to impatiently wait for the drawing results.

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