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New to bowsite, new to bowhunting
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surferd31 18-Oct-13
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From: surferd31
Hey everybody, Im completely new to bowhunting and was searching online for some information and came across this site and figured I'd sign up. I'm kind of lost as to wear to begin, any ideas? I am currently in Orange County if anybody knows of any stores I can go into to maybe ask some questions I would appreciate it. I've also been looking at craigslist for some used bows but have no clue what kind of bow would be good for me lol.

From: willliamtell
Do a lot of reading, try to find side by side bow comparisons so you don't have an apples and oranges problem, and pay for range time at local bowshops so you can try out and compare different products and brands for yourself. Consider buying a midrange used recurve to start to work on your muscles and technique, and pay for a few lessons.

It is a great sport and the people involved are pretty decent. Oh, hunting in Cali sucks. Just this last month the governator banned lead ammo statewide, for no good reason other than the anti's sticking another knife in hunters' sides. So get used to that. But you can always find a good place to launch arrows near where you live. Consider joining a local archery club, there will be several in your area, and you will get a lot of opinions and information (not always the same) from members.

Are you only new to bowhunting or are you new to hunting?

From: TradTony
ASAT for clothing. For equipment, FS Discount in Tustin or Archery Outpost in Los Alamitos.

From: wild1
Go to Hi-Tech Archery in Fullerton, ask for Joe (owner). Have them measure your draw length and then shoot as many bows as you can, even at other archery shops.

When you find the bow, with the right combination of draw length, draw weight and comfort (bows have a tendency to "feel" right), either buy it, or look on ebay for the exact bow and the exact specifications. Bows depreciate in value right after purchase, you may want to start with a used one, or shoot some at Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga.

Read all you can, then shoot a lot, then read some more. Visit Bowsite and read. Have fun and enjoy it!!

From: TradTony
Not to disrespect, Wild1 but if you go to Hi-Tech you'll be paying Hi-Prices. Hi-Tech is good if you've been in archery for a while. Someone I know went and they tried selling him things that weren't needed. He played the part he was a beginner. Went to Outpost and they suggested a $150 bow to begin with. They were prudent in acquiring a long term customer not an instant high sale. That's sad. It brings a bad rap to archery.

From: wild1
Tony -

You're right, and if you re-read my post, you'll see that I'm basically saying the same thing:

"….go to hi-tech and have them measure your draw length…." "….look on ebay"

"….you may want to start with a used bow"

We're on the same page!

From: Trad Tony
Sorry about that, Wild1. For some reason your entire thread wasn't visible to be read.Tech glitch I guess.

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