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new to hunting
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Bow pse 24-Oct-13
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mike/ky 13-Jan-14
kentuckbowhnter 18-Jan-14
From: Bow pse
Hi out there need some help . Have been out from start of season have to corn feeders , apples,salt block ,and mineral block out and not one deed? I make sure that I always cover sent and only walk in feild when it is raining. Any ideas thanks .

Relying on too much "stuff" do some scouting and hunt.

From: mike/ky
Yep, To many new hunters think they need a buch of gimmicks. Number one thing you can do is to partner up with an experienced hunter and learn from him

maybe there are not any deer where you are hunting. scouting is the key to good deer hunting, you gotta hunt where they at. and you dont need to spend money on all that stuff once you find the deer.

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