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Is NH a good state to retire and Hunt?
New Hampshire
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bigbear2 27-Oct-13
Proline 04-Nov-13
TradbowBob 05-Jan-14
Ole Coyote 11-Jan-14
Silvrtip 01-Feb-14
From: bigbear2
Just wondering whats it like to live there for being an outdoors person...

From: Proline
I don't live there but own a camp in Tuftonboro. I hope to retire there. The state has a lot to offer. Great lakes that offer fine fishing, hiking and climbing at your finger tips as is some nice down hill skiing if you like that. Snowmobiling and ice fishing is also a weekend regular. The deer numbers thin as you head north but they are still there to be had. On top of that you get Sunday hunting. Not bad.

From: TradbowBob

Where I live in the SW corner there are 3-5 deer per sq. mile, and that is one of the highest populations in the state. Moose are a draw, good luck there. Grouse are mostly north of me about 3 hours. The only pheasants are out of the F&G truck. There are turkeys.

Fishing could be good. There are lots of small glacial lakes for canoeing and kayaks.

Depends on what you are looking for. Most of the locals go to NY or PA. I go to NJ.

Sorry if I burst your bubble or insulted any of those who have lived their whole lives here. It's not Iowa.


From: Ole Coyote
There is a ton of open land and also private that can be had with asking and a hand shake. We have a ton of deer, if you do your scouting there are plenty to be had. We do not have the rack size of the big midwestern states but there are Pope and Young to be had but they come hard.

Turkeys are every where and we have a spring and a fall season to hunt them. Plenty of rabbit and a ton of coyotes that can be had seven days a week fifty two weeks a year.

Moose is not an easy draw but there is a small chance for a resident to draw.

Fishing is extremely good in the lakes for cold water species and also warm water species. Some really nice three to six pound Landlock Salmon a huge supply of rainbow trout many in the eighteen inch and over, lots of Lake Trout if you do not mind fishing deep by trolling or jigging. We also have some extradionary fishing in our river for Trout and Atlantic Salmon. You just have to pay attention to reports from the State Fish and Game as to what is going on and where. This past year I had twenty six rainbows over eighteen inches with best being twenty five inches. I also had a pike over forty inches and ten Large Mouth Bass over six pounds and a Smallmouth Bass over five pounds.

Bow fishing for Carp is a hoot more carp than you could shoot in a lifetime, they also come well to the European type of bait fishing.

Some great rabbit hunting in the Ct. River area and the grouse is not bad either as well as woodcock. Pheasant do not carry well almost 100% put and take from Fish and Game.

Awesome squirrel hunt both grey and reds, some really good eating on the greys.

Did I mention we do not have a Sales Tax nor do we have a State Income Tax.

Stay well!!!

From: Silvrtip
My wife & I traveled through your state last summer. I had never before been to the New England area. I was totally blown away by your mountains and wilderness!!! I have spent a lot of time in the west, MT, ID,WY., etc... And in my opinion NH has them all beat hands down. In the west the states are becoming an extension of California!! You folks live right have pride in your homes & towns. I love the way that when you are traveling down a road another gin clear stream will appear just begging to be fished. I think your state is one of the best kept secrets!!! We hope to return someday and spend more time in your great state!


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