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Few Washington questions
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I have a friend who moved to Spokane and wants me to come elk hunting (he doesn't hunt) and make a backpacking trip out of it.

I have a few questions about the Washington system.

First off, it seems that if you're going to apply for a limited entry zone, that you have to buy a general tag first. What if you don't win the draw? Can you return the general tag?

How does Washington's bonus point system work? Is it like AZ where every point you have you get another ticket in the lottery or is it different, like NV where your points get squared?

He wanted to hunt NE Washington because he's in Spokane and could scout, but all I see for LE is Turnbull which only has one bull tag and it's for all 3 weapon types unless you go anterless. He also said to look at the Selkirks, but the success rate isn't that great for all the general tag areas that I'm looking at.

Are there any good places to hunt elk with a general archery tag within a few hours of Spokane? We'd be packing in 3 to 5 miles most likely and/or using his RV and spike/bivving.

From: Bowhuntin
If you don't draw you are stuck with the general tag, no refunds or returns.

Washingtons point system is like Nevadas, your points are squared.

There aren't the number of elk in the NE corner compared to other areas in the state. Most guys that know where elk are up in that area are tight lipped about it.

Yakima and Ellensburg have plenty of elk hunting opportunity but is popular and gets lots of pressure. It is spike or cow unless you draw a branched antler tag.

SE Washington has opportunity as well, if you are after a trophy bull this area is probably for you. Though it will take a very long time to draw one of these tags.

From: Yendor
Very few elk around Spokane. In the Yakima, Ellensburg area, it takes about 5 years for a bull tag. There are some good areas for backpacking into some more remote areas. SE Washington about 8 years, bigger elk.

Thanx guys.

Do you know if, as a NR, I can just buy an elk point every year or do I have to buy the Gen Tag?

Are sheep and moose points squared as well?

Is there a place on the DFG website that posts how many raffle tickets are sold for each different raffle type?

From: Bowhuntin
As a resident or non resident you must have bought a license to apply for special permit.

Sheep and moose points are squared.

Not sure about the raffle tickets... You might find a lot more info over on, lots of good info and pictures to see the quality of critters in this state

From: westla
SW Washingon has quite a few elk, but difficult to hunt.

From: Yendor
I'm not to sure about the actual number of raffle tickets that sold this year, but it should have been way down. We have always been able to purchase raffle tickets on line, but Washington has a stupid law against on-line betting, so they stopped selling raffle tickets (that supports wildlife), because it was considered betting. So you now have to buy them at a store. Not as easy, so I know they sold a lot fewer this year. Stupid stupid state.

From: westla
It's OK Yendor. The State will make it up by inflating the harvest reports and selling more licenses next year. Maybe even start selling cow tags for the Spike Only GMUs.


IdyllwildArcher's Link
Found the raffle numbers. Posted for anyone else who might be curious.

From: GregE
Let us know how you really feel Rod.... :)

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